Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They say when you make a plan God laughs....

So I went into the Orthopedic Surgeon with a PLAN...Total knee replacement the week of April 14th, thus allowing me at the end of the 8 weeks off from work to attend my daughter Sarah's wedding with a new knee...seemed SO good, seemed SO simple, seemed SO organized. I also wanted to have it done at Deaconess Medical Center because I know that hospital and they have private rooms only (which seems so simple for a hosptal...who wants to be with a stranger when you are at your VERY worst) and SO...I am having a total knee replacement JUNE 14TH at Sacred Heart Medical Center...AUDIBLE SIGH. No private rooms....AUDIBLE SIGH. The doctor said this would be a good time to lose weight...ANOTHER, LOUDER, AUDIBLE SIGH.

PS...pictures and stories will be forthcoming re: the visits of Becca, Ashton, Ella and Piper AND Andy, Stefany and Macy.