Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One More Elder Holland Memory

One more memory from the Elder Holland visit to our Stake.  As the Stake Presidency met with him prior to the first session, Elder Holland asked that they kneel in prayer.  Pres Lee said that Pres Frederickson just had his hip replaced and couldn't kneel.  Elder Holland said, "That's OK.  In the the group I am in, about half of us can't kneel."  I still chuckle when I think of that.  So, anyone out there who can't kneel (Denise, etc) you are in good company.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughts on Elder Holland's Visit to Spokane

Here are a few of my impressions on Elder Holland's visit to Spokane last weekend:

1. He was concerned that people are receiving personal direction from the Spirit. The last thing he did was to have each member of the Stake Presidency answer what personal inspiration they had received. He said he was not referring to anything he said or did. It was what the Spirit said to them.
2. He was focused while he was here. Perhaps as focused as anyone I have ever met. It made me think that I am too light minded some of the time. I don’t mean that he wasn’t very cordial kind and gracious, because he was. He wasn’t pushy or anything like that. But it felt to me like it was as though he felt strongly the importance of what he was doing here. Like it was critical that he listen to the promptings of the Spirit and not miss anything. It was almost like life or death.

3. He was not interested in any sort of new programs or anything different that our stake might be doing and by the way, our stake presidency does everything they can not to create new programs. In fact, he expressed concern at one very minor thing that was done that was different than the basic program of the church.   In fact, the impression I had was that we should use our creativity (and we have many very creative people in our ward and stake). We should use our creativity to help people. We should use it within the structure of the Church to make people’s lives better. Let those creative juices flow toward coming up with ways to bring someone back, to reach our children, to share the Gospel, help someone get employment, etc
4. When we left he specifically asked the Stake Presidency to communicate to you how much he loves us in a very interesting way. I think I remember he said. We (meaning he and Elder Bussey) know they (meaning you) love us, but I want them to know that we love them and have appreciated being able to be here.