Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Favorite Christmas Things...add yours to our list!!!

1. Favorite Christmas movie...A Christmas Carol (with George C Scott)
2. Favorite Song (popular)...Grown up Christmas Wish by Amy Grant...honorable mention...Chipmunks singing Christmas,Christmas time is here...
3. Favorite Christmas Carol...Silent Night
4. Favorite sweet treat...Williamsburg Pecan Bars
5. Favorite savory treat...shrimp 
6. Favorite game to play...our draw and describe game
7. Favorite Christmas Dinner...ham, MFPs, fruit salad, Green  Salad and various desserts.
8. Favorite tradition...opening one present on Christmas Eve and reading the Christmas story from the Bible...Also leaving cookies for Santa and oats and sugar cubes for the reindeer. 
9. Favorite gift...the rocking chair from Dad when I was expecting Rachel.

Well, that pretty well sums me up and nothing surprising there.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Pictures, Comments, Images, Graphics
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1.  Our relationship...we love and enjoy each other so much.
2.  Our children and their desire to do what the Lord would have them do.
3.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  We know He lives!  Our lives are touched each day by our Heavenly Father.
4.  Living in a free country.  Our fathers fought in WWII and we each have brothers who are veterans.  We are grateful for our freedom. We do not take this blessing lightly.  One of great things we have been able to do was visit Washington DC and see Arlington Cemetery, the WWII memorial, the VietNam wall and other great was a wonderful visit.  Again, we were reminded that freedom is not free and others have given the ultimate sacrifice for us..
5.  The blessings of the Temple.  We are so grateful to have a temple in Spokane.  Recently, we met in the Temple with dear friends while we watched as an adopted baby was sealed to his parents.  What a beautiful day.  Families are Forever!!!
6.  Humor...we laugh much each day...I love to laugh until I am almost in tears and then what a feeling of joy and happiness.  Dad and I laugh all the time...we do enjoy each other's silliness.
7.  Our dear little grandchildren...Ella, Macy, Piper, Zach, Nick and Ibaby.  The times spent with these little ones are our greatest joy...and they make us laugh much as they grow and develop.
8.  Health.  After having one of my knees replaced this year I am glad to doing better and having much less much easier to walk and get around.  Denny is outside shoveling right now...strong and busy and always doing good.
9.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  So grateful to be members of the true church.  I am so grateful for all the chances I have to serve.  Always glad to have Sunday come around when I am able to go, renew my covenants and get spiritually recharged.  We are grateful to be a part of the great work which is the Restoration of Jesus Christ.
10. Grateful for good friends who are like family to us and ready to help us whenever we need it.
11. We have a warm home which protects us on cold days like today.
12.  Dad is grateful for Fantasy Football which brings him entertainment each day.  I am still winning with my team...which he put together for me.
13.  Grateful for great ancestors who came before us and led the way.
14.  Technology which allows to talk to each other almost everyday...allows us to see pictures of our little grandsons who we have not met yet.  We see Macy giggling, Ella dancing and Piper riding her bike and feel like we are right there.  Air planes which bring us to our families or them to us.
15.  That we are friends with our children and their are our favorite people in the world.
16.  Our jobs...we are blessed to be working and enjoying our jobs...they are not anything flashy but we help make the world go round. 
17.  I love this time of year...Thanksgiving and then right into Christmas...the sights, the music, the colors, the aromas, the lights...all of it.  Dad is very enthusiastic about getting decorations up and then down....he out in the garage trying to make all the tubs get in.
18.  Basketball...NCAA...especially Gonzaga :) but also BYU, WSU and other teams...although NOT St. Mary's or Loyola Marymount.  Actually most sports and glad to be to watch it on our nice, big TV.
19.  This wonderful computer, a gift from each of you, which allows us to communicate, learn and see each other.
20.  Our lives...we are grateful to be alive now and share our lives with you.  We love you.

Momo and Papster.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Cannot believe that Becca is was not that long ago that we brought home this little bundle of cuteness.  
 She was a funny little girl who kept us laughing. Example"I want a wed wing wet" (I want a red swing set)...and other such statements.
 She made up dances and when she started them we told her there had to be an end...she could not just dance all night with us watching.
She did not like sandwiches from the time she was a baby...still does not for the most part.
She loved "Good conversation" at bedtime from the time she was little.        
She was a good friend and had many good friends.
She was the first one to get married. She picked a wonderful husband.
She was the first one to make us grandparents...She is a wonderful mother to Ella and Piper.
She is a wonderful homemaker...we love to visit her and her family.
She is a darling daughter whom we are very proud of...We love you BECCA.       

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nick & Zack are Here!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Dad and I went to the Rockwood  Bakery to see if they had cupcakes...actually, we knew they did.  It is a lovely little bakery on 18th by Manito Park.  I  recently had purchased the "Little Angel" cupcakes for my friend Jill's birthday and brought home a couple of them for dad...he said it was the best thing he had every off we went on most of you have been to cupcake places so you know the many to select from...actually they had 3 kinds..."Little Angel", "Poppyseed" and then "Little Devil" cupcakes...Dad loves chocolate and I could only have one bite and so I ordered the "Little Devil" for my Big Angel and he said it was very, very delicious.  He actually liked the "Little Angel" one a wee bit better than the "Little Devil"  SHOCK!!!!  These are amazing cupcakes...either when you come to Spokane you be will traveling to the Rockwood Bakery for a cupcake of your you may have eaten a cupcake in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Antonio, Salt Lake City or Vegas...but here in Spokane this is where we BEGIN the cupcake search.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Here is my new knee...I do not think it is too bad. It has been 5 weeks now and when I speak of having the other one done I have stopped saying "H*** NO". It is getting better everyday. My husband has been amazing....cooks, cleans, does laundry and for awhile helped me get dressed...I owe him big. And since I have been doing so well he took me out for a pedicure. He is truly amazing and I love him SOOOOO much....more than the pain of the knee surgery and that is a lot.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Andy's Birthday

Ten Things We Love about Andy:

1. He has an awesome sense of humor

2. He is the most knowledgable person on sports we know (not unlike his Grandpa Bill)

3. He has great knowledge in his chosen profession and gives up great advice.

4. He has good taste in women....notably...Stefany

5. He is a great Dad

6. He is our only and favorite son.

7. He loves the Gospel.

8. He loves serving and helping others. He looks out for the underdog.

9. He is a great brother to his sisters.

10. He does a great Bill Walton imitation.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



1. She watches out for me and I am assuming she watches out for you as well.
2. She is loyal to her sports teams...regardless of how well or bad they perform.
3. She makes me laugh and when I hear her laugh I laugh more.
4. She is a loyal friend and keeps in touch with about a million people.
5. She is modest :)
6. She is a fabulous cook.
7. She helps me be organized.
8. She makes amazing soda cracker toffee, peanut butter "Truffles" and Chinese Chicken Salad.
9. We watch a lot of the same shows and I appreciate her input.
10. She took my small award show theme dinner and has really expanded on it and I want to go to her house.
11. She was our first born and let us "practice" on her.
12. She makes me want to be a better housekeeper...not often a mother says that about her daughter.
13. She love Jane Austen.
14. She travels to places I want to go to and tells me all about them.
15. She "experienced" Boston with me and "Budge" and heard me get yelled at about Hillary Clinton.
16. She loved George Stephanopolous first.
17. She discovered Baby Einstein.
18. She is righteous and very dedicated to the Gospel.
19. She love People magazine and therefore I save them for her.
20. Millions of other reasons...but these are some of the few.

Happy Birthday Day Rachel!!!

We Love YOU!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top (5 or so) Favorite TV Hosts (Reality or other)

I thought it would be fun to compare our lists of favorite hosts on TV...Either reality shows or reward shows or whatever.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

9 - 5 , A Broadway Musical to Miss

Last year, Denise and I bought tickets to some Broadway Musicals in order to get tickets to "Wicked" which comes in May. We are excited to see that. Last Saturday however, we went to "9 to 5". Quick Review: Inapproriate parts - many Lyrics - uninteresting Plot - same as movie Sets - lackluster Songs - nothing memorable We left as soon as we could.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They say when you make a plan God laughs....

So I went into the Orthopedic Surgeon with a PLAN...Total knee replacement the week of April 14th, thus allowing me at the end of the 8 weeks off from work to attend my daughter Sarah's wedding with a new knee...seemed SO good, seemed SO simple, seemed SO organized. I also wanted to have it done at Deaconess Medical Center because I know that hospital and they have private rooms only (which seems so simple for a hosptal...who wants to be with a stranger when you are at your VERY worst) and SO...I am having a total knee replacement JUNE 14TH at Sacred Heart Medical Center...AUDIBLE SIGH. No private rooms....AUDIBLE SIGH. The doctor said this would be a good time to lose weight...ANOTHER, LOUDER, AUDIBLE SIGH. and stories will be forthcoming re: the visits of Becca, Ashton, Ella and Piper AND Andy, Stefany and Macy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

pit in your stomach

you know that moment when you suddenly realize...
you forgot something huge
and you get a pit in your stomach
and your heart stops
and you almost wet your pants
and start to cry
all at the same time.

well i had one of those moments this morning.
(i suck)

i forgot to call my sister in law on her birthday.

(i suck)

see, my sister in law isn't just any other sister in law.

she is the best sister in law EVER!

she is
an amazing mother
the list could go on and on...and on.

(i suck)

i feel ill.
because i love her being my sister. i love that she fits into our family so well. i love the way she loves my brother.(i suck) i love that she has dark hair and blue eyes. i love that she gave us macy. i love that she plays crazy games with my family. (i suck) i love that she is always cold. i love that she is my friend and listens to me complain about my life. (i suck)

I will be spending the rest of the year making up for my suckiness.
(now is the time to ask for a really expensive gift....because you'll for sure get it)

Happy Birthday Stefany
may all your wildest dreams come true!

(i suck)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday GeGe!!!

Happy Birthday to the best GeGe, Mother, and Mother-in-Law. Here is a poem written in her honor:

D is for delightful
E is for ever-giving
N is for nifty
I is for imaginative
S is for spiritual
E is for everyone's favorite GeGe