Tuesday, January 18, 2011

pit in your stomach

you know that moment when you suddenly realize...
you forgot something huge
and you get a pit in your stomach
and your heart stops
and you almost wet your pants
and start to cry
all at the same time.

well i had one of those moments this morning.
(i suck)

i forgot to call my sister in law on her birthday.

(i suck)

see, my sister in law isn't just any other sister in law.

she is the best sister in law EVER!

she is
an amazing mother
the list could go on and on...and on.

(i suck)

i feel ill.
because i love her being my sister. i love that she fits into our family so well. i love the way she loves my brother.(i suck) i love that she has dark hair and blue eyes. i love that she gave us macy. i love that she plays crazy games with my family. (i suck) i love that she is always cold. i love that she is my friend and listens to me complain about my life. (i suck)

I will be spending the rest of the year making up for my suckiness.
(now is the time to ask for a really expensive gift....because you'll for sure get it)

Happy Birthday Stefany
may all your wildest dreams come true!

(i suck)


Rachel said...

I agree with Sarah's list. I can also say that maybe Sarah forgot because she was helping me deal with my own stress, and for that I am very grateful!!

GeGe Denise said...

Well, I think that Stefany will forgive you...and you have been helping your sister and you are right Stefany does fit right in and does love Andy and did give us Macy...but you do not suck...never did, never will.