Sunday, September 18, 2011


Dad and I went to the Rockwood  Bakery to see if they had cupcakes...actually, we knew they did.  It is a lovely little bakery on 18th by Manito Park.  I  recently had purchased the "Little Angel" cupcakes for my friend Jill's birthday and brought home a couple of them for dad...he said it was the best thing he had every off we went on most of you have been to cupcake places so you know the many to select from...actually they had 3 kinds..."Little Angel", "Poppyseed" and then "Little Devil" cupcakes...Dad loves chocolate and I could only have one bite and so I ordered the "Little Devil" for my Big Angel and he said it was very, very delicious.  He actually liked the "Little Angel" one a wee bit better than the "Little Devil"  SHOCK!!!!  These are amazing cupcakes...either when you come to Spokane you be will traveling to the Rockwood Bakery for a cupcake of your you may have eaten a cupcake in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Antonio, Salt Lake City or Vegas...but here in Spokane this is where we BEGIN the cupcake search.