Friday, February 19, 2010


He, not me, gets up earlier each day so he can start my car before work and even scrapes my windows. I am VERY spoiled.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time with the Fam...

Well, we had a fabulous time..., played with Ella (driving to McDonalds in her bedroom...a fun game), ate great food, spent time in the Temple, played fun games, watched the Olympics and missed Andy and Stefany. We wore goofy hats determining who was scum...Sarah's roommate, Tiffany joined in for the fun. There were even a few tears my father used to say..."Into each life a little rain must fall..." I even had to go through EXTENSIVE screening at the airport to get home...Note to not wear hand lotion when trying to board a plane...the glycerin in the lotion could set off the alarms for in sigh. Den could not find me...I was in a little glass room with 2 women who were wanding me, swabbing me and patting me down...eventually I was found innocent of any wrong doing and released to my grateful husband...We had a great Time...Love you all.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So last night Dad and I were leaving at the same time and it was dark outside...however, I backed out of the drive-way, stopped, rolled down my window and told Dad that I needed more break fluid in my car. He waved at me so I thought "he knows what I am saying"...(I think that his window is down so can talk to me), he drives over by me so I think he wants to talk to me and then he gets really close to me so I think he is going to put it in right now, but instead as he gets closer to me he goes in a complete circle and drove I was talking out the window to him...apparently, he could not see me talking to him and he thought I was waiting for him to leave first because I am so lovey...needless to say I laughed all the way to my meeting thinking about what we must have looked like to the just chatting away to dad and him completely oblivious to my situation....aren't you glad somethings never change?