Sunday, November 20, 2011


1.  Our relationship...we love and enjoy each other so much.
2.  Our children and their desire to do what the Lord would have them do.
3.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  We know He lives!  Our lives are touched each day by our Heavenly Father.
4.  Living in a free country.  Our fathers fought in WWII and we each have brothers who are veterans.  We are grateful for our freedom. We do not take this blessing lightly.  One of great things we have been able to do was visit Washington DC and see Arlington Cemetery, the WWII memorial, the VietNam wall and other great was a wonderful visit.  Again, we were reminded that freedom is not free and others have given the ultimate sacrifice for us..
5.  The blessings of the Temple.  We are so grateful to have a temple in Spokane.  Recently, we met in the Temple with dear friends while we watched as an adopted baby was sealed to his parents.  What a beautiful day.  Families are Forever!!!
6.  Humor...we laugh much each day...I love to laugh until I am almost in tears and then what a feeling of joy and happiness.  Dad and I laugh all the time...we do enjoy each other's silliness.
7.  Our dear little grandchildren...Ella, Macy, Piper, Zach, Nick and Ibaby.  The times spent with these little ones are our greatest joy...and they make us laugh much as they grow and develop.
8.  Health.  After having one of my knees replaced this year I am glad to doing better and having much less much easier to walk and get around.  Denny is outside shoveling right now...strong and busy and always doing good.
9.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  So grateful to be members of the true church.  I am so grateful for all the chances I have to serve.  Always glad to have Sunday come around when I am able to go, renew my covenants and get spiritually recharged.  We are grateful to be a part of the great work which is the Restoration of Jesus Christ.
10. Grateful for good friends who are like family to us and ready to help us whenever we need it.
11. We have a warm home which protects us on cold days like today.
12.  Dad is grateful for Fantasy Football which brings him entertainment each day.  I am still winning with my team...which he put together for me.
13.  Grateful for great ancestors who came before us and led the way.
14.  Technology which allows to talk to each other almost everyday...allows us to see pictures of our little grandsons who we have not met yet.  We see Macy giggling, Ella dancing and Piper riding her bike and feel like we are right there.  Air planes which bring us to our families or them to us.
15.  That we are friends with our children and their are our favorite people in the world.
16.  Our jobs...we are blessed to be working and enjoying our jobs...they are not anything flashy but we help make the world go round. 
17.  I love this time of year...Thanksgiving and then right into Christmas...the sights, the music, the colors, the aromas, the lights...all of it.  Dad is very enthusiastic about getting decorations up and then down....he out in the garage trying to make all the tubs get in.
18.  Basketball...NCAA...especially Gonzaga :) but also BYU, WSU and other teams...although NOT St. Mary's or Loyola Marymount.  Actually most sports and glad to be to watch it on our nice, big TV.
19.  This wonderful computer, a gift from each of you, which allows us to communicate, learn and see each other.
20.  Our lives...we are grateful to be alive now and share our lives with you.  We love you.

Momo and Papster.


Becca and Ashton said...

i love this! I am thankful for awesome parents!

Rachel said...

I second Becca.