Sunday, November 6, 2011


Cannot believe that Becca is was not that long ago that we brought home this little bundle of cuteness.  
 She was a funny little girl who kept us laughing. Example"I want a wed wing wet" (I want a red swing set)...and other such statements.
 She made up dances and when she started them we told her there had to be an end...she could not just dance all night with us watching.
She did not like sandwiches from the time she was a baby...still does not for the most part.
She loved "Good conversation" at bedtime from the time she was little.        
She was a good friend and had many good friends.
She was the first one to get married. She picked a wonderful husband.
She was the first one to make us grandparents...She is a wonderful mother to Ella and Piper.
She is a wonderful homemaker...we love to visit her and her family.
She is a darling daughter whom we are very proud of...We love you BECCA.