Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top (5 or so) Favorite TV Hosts (Reality or other)

I thought it would be fun to compare our lists of favorite hosts on TV...Either reality shows or reward shows or whatever.


GeGe Denise said...

1.Johnny Carson...the best.
2.Jeff Probst...He has made Survivor what it is.
3.Billy Crystal...he was fabulous with the Oscars...hope he comes back.
4.George Stephenapolous...I miss him on "This Week". He is great. Have not seem on Good Morning America but I love him.
5.The OLD Rosie O'Donnell...before she came out and got EXTREMELY angry...I loved her talk show...not on the View...before that.
Honorable Mention.Tom Arnold...he does "My Big Redneck Wedding" which I do not watch very often but his little comments make me laugh out loud.
Worst Talk Host: Kathie Lee Gifford.

I think I am done but may add more.

GeGe Denise said...

One more..

Honerable Mention: Phil Keogh from The Amazing Race...when he learned Sign Language for the deaf contestant I was amazed...another reason I love this show...which I still wish Rachel and Sarah would have been picked to be on it...back when Sarah was picked as the "Designated Nudist" because she did not wear the team uniform yet but now neither girl could be that unless it absolutely meant the $1,000,000! Just kidding.

becca said...

1. Jeff Probst!!!!
2. Ellen
3. Matt Lauer
4. I LOVED Rosie back in the day.
5. Phil Keogh. I think he is handsome
6. Bobby Flay hosts a show!

Rachel said...

Love that you put this up! In no particular order...
1. Probst
2. Ryan Seacrest--I don't watch AI but I think he's funny (I like his radio show) and so shout out to him
3. Tom Bergeron--I thought he was good even when he hosted Hollywood Squares before DWTS
4. I'll give shouts out to answers already given of George and Matt in the Morning, and the old Rosie
5. Love when Hugh Jackman hosts
6. Jimmy Fallon--he's just adorable.

GeGe Denise said...

Well I did miss some good ones
1.Matt Lauer is amazing
2.Love Jimmy FAllon
3.Tom Bergeron is very funny
4.And I Love Hugh Jackman. He could read the newspaper to me and I wouldbe entertained
5.I adore anything Bobby Flay does unless it involves nudity.

Stefany said...

Does Bobby Flay do nudity?

GeGe Denise said...

No he does not do nudity but I had to preface that in case he did...I do NOT want to see him naked but I like everything else about him.

Papa D said... are my picks

For the actual top 5, nothing much new...but I would also like to add Larry King, Glenn Beck (sorry non-conservatives) and others who are on the air for 3 or 4 hours a day. I don't know how anyone does that. Also, Bob Barker, Alex Trabec and Pat Sajack for staying for so many years.

Now the real ones:

1 Dick Clark (American Bandstand, games shows, New Years Eve, etc. etc.)

2. Johnny Carson

3. Jeff Probst (I still remember when he was on a Rock N Roll Jeopardy show.)

4. Billy Crystal

5. Ryan Seacrest

Andy said...

Here are 5 that were not said. Alot of those would have been mine.

1. John Anderson and John Henson on Wipeout.
2. Wayne Brady on Lets Make a Deal.
3. Adam Carolla and Tony Danza has great talk shows that never took off (I also enjoyed John McEnroe's and if it was on anything other than CNBC it would have been big).
4. Ernie, Charles and Kenny are great on TNT
5. Tony Reali is great on Around the Horn.