Wednesday, April 27, 2011



1. She watches out for me and I am assuming she watches out for you as well.
2. She is loyal to her sports teams...regardless of how well or bad they perform.
3. She makes me laugh and when I hear her laugh I laugh more.
4. She is a loyal friend and keeps in touch with about a million people.
5. She is modest :)
6. She is a fabulous cook.
7. She helps me be organized.
8. She makes amazing soda cracker toffee, peanut butter "Truffles" and Chinese Chicken Salad.
9. We watch a lot of the same shows and I appreciate her input.
10. She took my small award show theme dinner and has really expanded on it and I want to go to her house.
11. She was our first born and let us "practice" on her.
12. She makes me want to be a better housekeeper...not often a mother says that about her daughter.
13. She love Jane Austen.
14. She travels to places I want to go to and tells me all about them.
15. She "experienced" Boston with me and "Budge" and heard me get yelled at about Hillary Clinton.
16. She loved George Stephanopolous first.
17. She discovered Baby Einstein.
18. She is righteous and very dedicated to the Gospel.
19. She love People magazine and therefore I save them for her.
20. Millions of other reasons...but these are some of the few.

Happy Birthday Day Rachel!!!

We Love YOU!!!!


becca said...

rachel is the best! happy b day sister!

Papa D said...

I agree...Rachel is the best!!!

Rachel said...

This is the sweetest thing! Thanks so much. Love you!