Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Andy's Birthday

Ten Things We Love about Andy:

1. He has an awesome sense of humor

2. He is the most knowledgable person on sports we know (not unlike his Grandpa Bill)

3. He has great knowledge in his chosen profession and gives up great advice.

4. He has good taste in women....notably...Stefany

5. He is a great Dad

6. He is our only and favorite son.

7. He loves the Gospel.

8. He loves serving and helping others. He looks out for the underdog.

9. He is a great brother to his sisters.

10. He does a great Bill Walton imitation.


GeGe Denise said...

Thanks Andy for being so are amazing and I love you much.

Stefany said...

Wow. That is like the worst picture of us at the blessing. That being said, Andy is wonderful. Happy Birthday!

DJCK incorporated said...

Andy can dunk the ball? Amazing.

Denise said...

Just testing my new email