Thursday, August 13, 2009


Everyone has those shows that they loved watching and were very sad/mad when they were canceled. Please list the 5 shows that you would bring back.


Rachel said...

So most of the shows that I loved ran their due course (some went a season too long), so I wouldn't bring them back.

The main one I'm sad ended is Arrested Development. Oh, and I liked Pushing Daisies.

Becca said...

october road and the oc.

Becca said...

oh and i just saw i was supposed to say 5 so my three more are arrested development, felicity, and reba.

Papa D said...

I would like to mention

Star Trek...the original series with Kirk and Spock Only on two or three seasons. Wasn't even popular until after the fact.

The Donny & Marie Talk Show....just kidding.

DJCK incorporated said...

Mad about you---
Welcome back Kotter--
Sonny and Cher--
Mission Impossible--we have an old boxed set of the MI films. When we go with kids to timeshares, we often take out the DVDs and watch one episode at a time. Cool, dudes.

Andy said...

I think that Becca started her list off just as I would. Now for me, my list will be shows that I have wondered what would happen next. For that reason I do not have any sitcoms. I love Just Shoot Me, but I ever lay in bed wondered how Maya is doing running Blush Magazine now that Jack retired.

So here is my list.

5. Playmakers - If you do not remember it it was on ESPN and was about an NFL team. The NFL threatened that if ESPN did not cancel it bad things would happen. I think it made the NFL seem pretty bad and I am pretty sure it was accurate, maybe too accurate.

4. Sarah Conner Chronicles - I think that putting it on Friday was the death sentence. They did figure that it was one of the higher watched shows on DVR. Despite the many attempts to save it, it got its pink slip.

3. October Road - I was really into this show, and do wonder how everything will turn out. If you buy season 2 they fast forward a few years to answer those questions.

2. The Shield - I have not seen the last season yet (I ordered it but the person scammed me, I am working on getting my money back) so I am not sure how it will end. The idea of the good guy being a bad guy is a very fun idea, this show did it perfectly.

1. The O.C. - This is the greatest show of all time. I have dreams that the shows was not really canceled. Sometimes I wonder what the characters are doing now, like they are real people.

Honorable Mention - Black Donnelly's, it was not on long enough to miss it, but I really liked the few episodes I saw.

GeGe Denise said...

Well, they messed with me saying they were going to cancel Chuck and Friday Night Lights...but they are coming back...YEAH!!!

Okay, Shows that I miss

1. Dr. Quinn...I know...hokey, I know but I loved it.
2. I miss Everybody Loves Raymond...want to see how Marie is doing now that Frank has passed on.
3. I would love to see how Seinfield is doing...
4. I did enjoy Arrested Development when I watched it so I will say I am sad.
5. I am going to miss 24 when it is sigh

Rachael and Brad Huntsman said...

I'm gonna say
1. Arrested Development.. although it ended very well... they say a movie is in the works.
2. The O.C. I loved that show.
3. Newsradio... but it wasn't the same after Phil Hartman died.
4. Seinfeld needs to come back.
5. Playmakers. I watched every episode of that show. I bet the NFL was worried it would bring some investigations.

sarah jean said...

ok so far everyone has brought a lot of great shows to the table and i agree with all of you except for uncle dennis because i haven't seen most of the shows he mentioned. i would like to add a few gems to the list...

*freaks and geeks
*jack and jill
*gilmore girls- obviously
*early edition
*walker texas ranger
*the west wing
the torkelsons
studio 60 on the sunset strip

GeGe Denise said...

Becca and I forgot about Ed...we loved that show!!!! Let's bring that back...

Papa D said...

I agree on Black Donnellys and Sarah Conner. I don't know about the Torklesons, but I hadn't thought of it in years.

But surely everyone can agree that we need more Walker Texas Ranger.

Rachel said...

I completely forgot about Ed. And I watched Studio 60 too. I miss a lot of the great shows that I watched, like Friends, but I think once a show hits 7 or 8 seasons, that's enough. For example, ER went way too long.

Andy said...

I kinda agree with Rachel, some shows stay on too long. But the problem with ER was not how many years it was on, but that NO original characters were still on the show.

I wish I would have watched this ED show, it sounds like it could have been good.

Oh I want to add Las Vegas to my list, but like a Mom add where I do not have to take another show off.

GeGe Denise said...

Andy, I like my lists to be the right I add and subtract until I am so confused I do not know what shows I wanted on the original but I do think I want to remove Dr. Quinn...that was getting hokey...but I do not know what to add...I guess Gilmore Girls...that still had some life left in it.