Friday, September 4, 2009


So my cute little desk mate (Telana) says that I am the "Walking Version" of Home Canning for Idiots...apparently a new book that is just make sure you remember this when addresssing me that you can include this in my title. I took it as a compliment. I LOVE canning!!!


GeGe Denise said...

I tried to put a picture from the Internet with my post but could do I do it?

Andy said...

You need to ask Sarah she is a walking version of "Blogging for Idiots"

Rachel said...

If I ever decide that canning is the way to go, Mom, I will so call you. At this moment I don't forsee myself being a big canner, but who knows. You'll be proud to know that my plan for Conference is to get out my new sewing machine and work on my quilt.