Thursday, December 10, 2009


What makes you laugh, cry and want to keep Christmas in your heart all year long?


GeGe Denise said...

Okay, so here are my lists...

1. It's a wonderful life.

2. A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott version is the best.)

3. The Grinch (the cartoon Dr. Seuss version)

4. Miracle on 34th Street (both versions)

5. Christmas in Conneticut (the original WWII)

6. Elf

7. Holiday Inn (where Bing first sing's White Christmas first.)

8. White Christmas

And there may be more...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas movies

sarah jean said...

ok obviously my very favorite Christmas movie and Babe's in Toyland...the original. thanks to stefany we now own it.

*i also greatly enjoy mickey's christmas carol. i love little tiny tim...i want to cry.

*another favorite is Rockey Mountain Christmas. the movie itself isn't my favorite part, but i love the memory i have of andy and i watching it very very early Christmas morning in the basement. neither of us could sleep (rachel and becca were sound asleep in the bed) we stumbled upon what i like to call
"a little bit of Dolly magic"!

* lastly, my very favorite Christmas story is the one where Wally the innkeeper tells Mary and Joseph to come back, and they can have his room. love, love, love it!!

sarah jean said...

oh i need to add Elf

GeGe Denise said...

The Wally story has not been made into a movie that I know of...but it should be...

GeGe Denise said...

9. A Charlie Brown Christmas...I love where Linus quotes Luke:2 and I also love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Becca and Ashton said...

my favorite is Elf. i love it and could watch it all year and i agree with Sarah about the Wally story.

Papa D said...

I learned everything I know about Christmas movies from Mom. My favs are

1. It's a Wonderful Life
2. Miracle of 34th St
3. Dickens Christmas Carol

All others are a distant 4th.

I do have one funny memory from the movie "One Magic Christmas" where after a harrowing sequence of events, Mar Steenbergen says "I luv ya so much" It's is such bad acting that we have used that occasionally.

Rachel said...

It's a Wonderful Life
White Christmas
I kind of count Home Alone :)
And I love ABC family ones

GeGe Denise said...

10. A Christmas Story (it reminds me of dad as a little I picture him.)

11. I too, count Home Alone as a Christmas movie and I just watched it at Curt and Marianne's...I love it...

DJCK incorporated said...

Well, sorry, I know everyone is avoiding it, but Christmas at the Griswolds' makes me laugh constantly. Uncool, huh? Miracle on 34th street with a very young Natalie Wood is up there, as is It's a Wonderful Life. But really folks, are we in denial about "Die Hard"? Especially the "let it snow" theme at the end? Yippe kay yow, folks. Die Hard 2 was also in the wintertime, so it is a hard choice.

GeGe Denise said...

Dennis J. it is always good to get your spin on make me the way, your gifts are being mailed tomorrow.

(one of my most favorite Christmas movies is Home Alone...we went with your family at Thanksgiving and I sat by Aaron and he was almost out of his chair was I...)

Andy said...

Well I know that everyone has been waiting for list and I could not keep you waiting any longer. I am at work so I hope no drops a weight on themselves.

First let me say that Sarah explained the reason why Smokey Mountain is so awesome. Well done.

Second, the original Babes in Toyland is with Laurel and Hardy. My guess is that is not the one Stefany bought.

Third, I will leave on The Christmas Slay. Dad and I watched a couple of minutes and got to here the plot. "After 2,000 years of spreading Christmas Cheer, Santa will now be spreading Christmas Fear".

Or here is my list, some will be repeats from other lists but some will be new.


1. Elf
2. Smokey Mountain Christmas
3. It's a Wonderful Life
4. Babes in Toyland (with Drew and Keanu)
5. Eight Crazy Nights
6. Prancer
7. Scrooged
8. Surviving Christmas
9. Home Alone
10. The Family Man
11. Just Friends
12. Trading Places
13. While you were Sleeping
14. Polar Express
15. The Santa Claus

The order does not mean anything

Rachael and Brad Huntsman said...

I like all of those. My real favorite is The Family Man. I also really like Kristmas with the Kranks. Oh and I haven't seen The Christmas Story for about 5 years, but it is a classic. Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra.