Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, I would like to say that I am very grateful that Stefany is my daughter in law...I could not be happier. I love her because:
A. She calls me on the phone which makes me feel good.
B. She loves my son like there is no tomorrow.
C. She is my new grand daughter's mother.
D. She has seen me fall down twice and did not laugh once although I think she had good reason to...once in the WalMart parking lot and once in the Bahamas...not graceful either time.
E. She lets me be a hypochondriac around her and again does not laugh...she really listens to me as I tell her my symptoms.
F. She was a very good hostess in NYC.
G. She is just very easy to love and she is very beautiful.

So as you can see, I am very happy she is in our family and I wish her a HAPPY Birthday!!!

Love you Stefany!!!


Papa D said...

All said as true as can be.....We love you Stefany!!!

Stefany said...

Thank you for all the kind things you have said. I have to admit that I did not laugh at you when you fell at WalMart because I was in part to blame. Andy and I were on either side of you to help you, not to watch as you slipped and fell. It was like when Marie fell on Dancing with the Stars. Her partner just watched. I apologize!

Rachel said...

I agree with Paps that all is true. And I"m glad that all of my family puts birthday wishes to other family members as well, I haven't done that. . so now I can just add comments :).

GeGe Denise said...

you are much better than Marie's partner and I did not get up and bow but I should had...and it was not your fault...just so dang much snow the last few years.