Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!







sarah jean said...

oh man macy doesn't even know what's about to happen to her!! she is going to love papa!!

Andy said...

Happy Birthday Dad, you are truly amazing.
Almost every one of my memories from growing up involves you, and that is because you were so involved in my life.
Thanks for coaching me in basketball, soccer and baseball.
Thanks for teaching me the drums and helping me improve my singing.
Thanks for going on most of my campouts and helping me get my eagle.
Thanks for helping me with my school work.
Thanks for accepting church callings.
In case people are not familiar with this I will list his callings.
When I was 12 he was in the Bishopric over the deacons.
By the time church basketball had started he was on the high counsel over athletics.
While I was in seminary he was the high counselor over seminary.
As soon as I was ready to attend stake dances he became the Stake Young Mens president and was at all the dances.
Soon after I turned 16 he became the Priest Quorum adviser.
When I left on my mission he and my Mom were made Stake Missionaries.
Shortly before I returned from my mission he was called into the singles ward bishopric.
After I got engaged to Stefany he was the one who arranged for our meeting with President Lee because he was the Stake Executive Secretary
I love you Dad

Papa D said...

Thank you for those kind words and ahappy face. I am a blessed man.