Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Favorite Christmas Things...add yours to our list!!!

1. Favorite Christmas movie...A Christmas Carol (with George C Scott)
2. Favorite Song (popular)...Grown up Christmas Wish by Amy Grant...honorable mention...Chipmunks singing Christmas,Christmas time is here...
3. Favorite Christmas Carol...Silent Night
4. Favorite sweet treat...Williamsburg Pecan Bars
5. Favorite savory treat...shrimp 
6. Favorite game to play...our draw and describe game
7. Favorite Christmas Dinner...ham, MFPs, fruit salad, Green  Salad and various desserts.
8. Favorite tradition...opening one present on Christmas Eve and reading the Christmas story from the Bible...Also leaving cookies for Santa and oats and sugar cubes for the reindeer. 
9. Favorite gift...the rocking chair from Dad when I was expecting Rachel.

Well, that pretty well sums me up and nothing surprising there.


sarah jean said...

let the fun begin....
1. Favorite Christmas movie...ELF. Although we just watched Home Alone, I laughed hard and cried a little.
2. Favorite Song (popular)...Breath of Heaven (Amy Grant) or
Let Him Inn (Brother Chapin).
3. Favorite Christmas Carol...Oh Holy Night
4. Favorite sweet treat...Mom's peanut brittle or those delicious sugar cookies mom orders each year. (Andy will want me to add that when I was fat I loved mom's fudge)
5. Favorite savory treat...Mormon Funeral Potatoes
6. Favorite game to play...Now, Eye to Eye
7. Favorite Christmas Dinner...I'm pretty sure we have the same thing every single year. Ham. and I love it!
8. Favorite tradition...I always liked that all the kids slept in the same room on Christmas Eve. (this usually meant that I was uncomfortable and Rachel and Becca slept peacefully)
9. Favorite gift...When I was little I got a porcelain doll named April. I thought it was pretty cool. I also loved the dance outfit I got..with the blue tights.

becca said...

1.favorite movie...ELF.
2.Favorite song...anything Amy Grant or Beach Boys. or N Syncs Merry Christmas Happy Holidays.
3.Favorite Christmas Carol...Silent Night
4. Favorite sweet... Rachels saltine cracker treats and Rosauers cookies
5.Favorite Savory treat....MFPs
6.Favorite Game...where we finish the sentences
7.Favorite Christmas Dinner...Ham and MFPs
8.Favorite sleeping in the same room and our gag gifts christmas eve (i still give the BEST gag gifts)
9.Favorite Gift... the bike I got and also the N Sync tape that rachel told me i was NOT getting and I cried.

Papa D said...

1. Movie - gotta stick with the standards...Christmas Carol..or It's a Wonderful Lfe..Miracle on 34th St
2. Pop Song "Last Christmas" Wham....just kidding...."Little Saint Nick" Beach Boys
3. Carol "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
4. Sweet Treat ---Divinity - It is really so unhealthy that we don't get it, but if we did, I would eat every last bit of it. (You kids probably don't like it because you never got a chance to eat it.)
5. I don't think savory and treat go together. (see 5 above)
6. Game --- Every game we play as a family is absolutely wonderful. It is the people not the game.
7. Dinner --- Agreement here on the ham, MFP's, etc
8. Tradition --- I like that we open one present at a time rather than opening them all at once.
9. When I was about 5, I got a ventriloqust dummy. I could never figure out how to be a ventriloquist but it was fun.

Rachel said...

1. Movie...Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas. And some ABC Family movies.
2. Song..All I Want for Christmas is You (thanks Mariah), Breath of Heaven, Baby it's cold outside
3. Carol...Oh Holy Night. Hymn wise I like Angels We Have Heard on High and, randomly, While Shephards Watched Their Flocks by doesn't get sung enough and I think it's catchy.
4. Sweet treat...Rosauer's sugar cookies and magic bars.
5. Savory treat... Homemade rolls. I love a good carbo load.
6. Game...the drawing game!
7. Christmas dinner... ham.
8. Tradition...sleeping in the same room, gifts one at a time. CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!
9. Gift...the total and complete outfit.