Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Pics from the Cruise


Rachel said...

I was going to write something like thanks Paps and MoMo for the most amazing trip. I'm watching the Gonzaga game, though, and am equal parts distracted and stressed, so I forgot. (My boy Heytvelt is rocking it right now, so I"m slightly less stressed.)

Thanks parents for being the best parents and for the most amazing trip. I loved every second!!

DJCK incorporated said...

I am excited for your family to be able to put this together. We have tried to unite several times this year (David's homecoming and a weekend in Vegas) but always come up someone short. We are aiming for Yellowstone together in early July. Hopefully, we can all dwell in peace together in a rented home. With 11 grandkids, there is often a chaotic atmosphere, competition for hot showers and eating dislikes and preferences that are not universal. Don't see those kind of problems with your cruise, however. It does look fun, especially if someone else cooks.

DJCK incorporated said...

By the way, are you aware that Jessica has a blogspot site, too? Cute and clever. Maybe you can access it through her comments to me. By the way, GO DAWGS! They were predicted to be an upset victim to Mississippi State this afternoon, but instead gave those southerners their comeuppance (I hope that is still a word).