Thursday, April 16, 2009

dear mr weather man,

thank you so much for not warning me last week when i was trading in my suv/4 wheel drive vehicle for a family sedan (still hoping i might need one someday). i mean who would think i'd be needing a 4 wheel drive in the middle of april? not i. but as luck would have it mr weatherman (aka tom sherry), it in fact did snow several inches on my new ride. its fine, no dont worry about it. i mean i love waking up early on a beautiful spring morning, walking down to my snow piled car and pretending my arms are giant wind shield wipers and pretty much snow plowing that white garbage right onto the ground. apparently mr weather man you didn't get my birthday wishes.... a rich hot man, and no snow. wait now i'm afraid, was april 12th opposite day??? does this mean if i get a man he'll be poor and ugly???? wow good thing i didn't wish for bigger boobs, can you imagine the horror!! mr weather man if you love me at all you'll stop all this snow nonsense and bring out my 3rd best friend... the sun, so that i can roll down my windows and sing "all the single ladies" at the top of my lungs while cruising down university looking for guys with fake tans and popped collars. if you make all my wishes come true then i promise that next winter i'll have a much better attitude and will no longer use swear words as the adjectives used to describe my feelings about snow. thank you for your time mr weatherman, i hope we can be friends again soon. please tell mr sun that i say hello, and that i've missed him dearly!!

president of the sun lover fan club


Papa D said...
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Papa D said...

Take 1 point off the score of the "weather guessers" They are now back to 50% accuracy on snow.

Anonymous said...

Sarah you are so funny! I think writing is your true calling-think about it!! You would write a book that I would enjoy reading that I wouldn't get bored half way through!


We had snow as well this week...AHHH...but today is gong to be nice and tomorrow Dad and I are going to work in the yard tomorrow.

You are funny and I miss everyone!!!