Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Paps!

Yes, I know that I'm a few days early, but I won't have access of a computer on the day of Paps' Birthday. I'd like to give a shout out to a few of my favorite things about him:

  • His willingness to do the crazy things that we suggest, like having a spitting contest ala Titanic off the desk of the cruise ship (see the above picture)
  • Dedication in his calling

  • Scheduling/Planning--I only now truly appreciate "planning for the week" during Family Home Evening growing up

  • "Mr. Wizard"

  • Willing to help/drive whenever, where ever (and the ability to sound like he's never been asleep even though he has been)

  • Basketball skills, which he still has even now

  • All of the sacrifices he makes for the family

  • Little kids love Dad. They all do.
  • The amazing Drumming Skills
  • Three words: Denny Hendrickson Toast

Love you Paps!!! Happy Birthday.


Papa D said...

Thank you...I think I am the luckiest man on earth!

sarah jean said...

boo yeah rachel, i ditto all those things and would like to add....
*he'll always do the crazy dance moves/kicks/jumps/choreography & anything else we may ask him to do! and i always laugh!!!

* he gets really into the shows that we all love... such as Friday Night Lights, Alias, 24, Prison Break. most dads dont do that

(this one is my favorite)
*he's always, always, always happy and content!!

love ya p diddy, i wish i could be there on your big day to party hard with ya!!

GeGe Denise said...

I am so happy to read those things you have said about my best friend...he is all those things and more...I love how he loved you kids as babies and was fabulous with up with you and brought you to me so I could nurse you...of course he can go right back to sleep but he is wonderful, fabulous, devoted, funny and loving individual and I thank Heavenly Father every day for bringing Den into my life.

DJCK incorporated said...

I always think of Denny as the quintissential "wing man" to the crazies of Spokane, including his mile-a-minute wife and active kids. Or any of the McCains, Denny has always been the stable tent pole in a world of flapping canvas (no offense to any of us canvas flaps, you understand). Not that he doesn't "get it", but more like someone has to get it yet still be the designated driver. I hope this didn't come out wrong because I admire Denny very much.

GeGe Denise said...

I think you said it perfectly...he is a fabulous "wing Man"...and I know that I am a flapping canvas as it were.

DJCK incorporated said...

Other analogous description of Denny:

Spaak to Denise's Captain Kirk (including Star Trek 2009!!)

Andy said...

I love that he did not stop parenting when his children became adults. That is very rare these days.

Oh and That he liked "Because I got High"