Thursday, June 4, 2009

In Search of the Obamas

So I returned from DC (yes, after the 4 1/2 hours spent in the plane on the runway waiting for the weather to clear, and then the 4 1/2 hours spent in the air actually flying). I had a fabulous time but took very few pics. . . I was the only one who brought a camera and it just wan't a picture-taking trip.

Though we weren't big into pictures, we were big into seeing the Obamas.

  • We stayed close to the White House, so we walked by it I don't know how many times and learned all kinds of things from the random secret service people everywhere. (Mom, we did see the garden that Michelle Obama started, which I thought you would appreciate.)

  • Any time there were sirens, we all watched to see if it was for them. And this actually paid off. We saw the President's motorcade once (the sniper in all black in the White House trees confirmed that it was him). The next day we saw Michelle's motorcade and I saw her head in the car, so I was able to confirm it on my own.

  • I had dinner with Rustin while I was there, and we decided to go to Ray's Hell Burgers (the place the Pres. went to eat a few weeks ago). Knew we wouldn't see him there, but at least enjoyed eating where he ate. It's a very hole-in-the-wall place, really good food.

  • We tried to get tickets to tour the White House, but those are actually hard to come by. My friend with us has a friend in the Secret Service who was helping to get tickets, then it went all crazy, but in the end the nice Secret Service agent there let us tour!

So all in all it was a great trip. We didn't actually find the First Family, but I think we got pretty close :).


DJCK incorporated said...

Yeah-I know--Uncle D has been to DC and has more hints--yawn. Well, just one for next time you go. Call your congressman first and get VIP tickets to the White House tour. Carol, Carl and David made the tour while I took the subway back to Arlington to get the car (another frightening story, but this is not my blog).

Rachel said...

I now sent a memo to myself: no more vacas until I ask Uncle Dennis for ideas. I am going to see Andy in NYC in the fall. Any restaraunt ideas? And I talked to my congressman who didn't care to help us out. That would be Orrin Hatch.

Papa D said...

What a fantastic place for a vacation. Denise & I will go someday.

GeGe Denise said...

I love the pictures and I am happy you saw Michelle's head and that you talked with a Secret Service Sniper.

Yes, always ask Dennis re: trips...I do so want to go to DC...I want to do the Holocaust museum, Lincoln,Washington, VietNam, WWII memorials, Ford's theater, the Smithsonian, the White House, Congress ..etc, etc...Becca is game for a trip there to...maybe next family reunion...another extravaganza!

I am glad you are home safe and sound. Missing you.

DJCK incorporated said...

New York City is on our couples list because we do have a Hilton timeshare in town. But I did go on my way home from Argentina and was in charge with my two comps. It was December, so Rockefeller square was a must. However, I'm sure if you ask your fake cousin Heather she would light you up, having spent a couple years there up until some airplanes came crashing into some buildings there. I think she spent too much time outside TRL, waving at Carson Daly, but they must have eaten out sometime!!??

Andy said...

Now I do not own or like guns, but I would like to become a tree sniper.