Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday ANDREW DENIS !!!

Happy Birthday for my favorite son...he is a wonderful young man, he was a fun and funny teenager, a sweet little boy and a loveable and loving baby.

(I am posting as Sarah because I cannot post as me on the blog...someone please add gegehendrickson to the Blog...thanks, momo)

Andy, you make me laugh, you teach me wonderful and important things, you teach me about the Gospel...I love you very much!!! Andy, you are also a wonderful brother, son and husband as well as a terrific Uncle.


the old balls chain


sarah jean said...

i love the romantic pic of andy and dad on the bed on the cruise!! happy birthday to the best big bro ever!!

Andy said...

The words are nice, the first picture is well "not so much". So thank you for about 90% of this wonderful post.

Stefany said...

It is a great post for a great boy!!! Happy Birthday Antsy!

Rachel said...

Nice job, Mom, on posting something. I never saw the pic of Dad and Andy from the cruise.