Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top Five Moments in Sports

For our next survey I thought it would be fun to see our top five moments in sports. Note this is not necessarily the "greatest" moments, just your favorites.


Papa D said...

This is harder than I thought it would be. These are more my personal ones. (Not in order)

1. Boston Celtics win the NBA championship with Bird McHale Ainge etc. in the 1980s.

2. Gonzaga Basketball goes to the Elite 8.

3. BYU football with Jim McMahon as QB comes back to win with a last "Hail Mary"

4. Steve Young takes the 49's to a SuperBowl win.

5. Randy Johnson hits the pidgeon while pitching.

GeGe Denise said...

Okay, so here are my five favorites.
1. Boston Celtics winning the NBA Championship...I can still see Danny Ainge jumping around.
2. The Mets winning the World Series in 1969 (I think)
3. The Atlanta Olympics Womens'Gymnastic Gold Medal...Kerri Strugs vault on a bad leg...Bella Karola carrying her around.
4. Steve Young and the 49's winning the Superbowl.
5. Gonzaga's dance in the Elite 8.

and just as a side note...the baseball play that Andy called me about and I was watching "Pimp my Ride" on MTV.

Andy said...

I am going to give 2 lists. This one will be my favorite moments. A couple of these I did not see until much after they occurred.

5. 1995 ALDS Mariners vs. Yankees.
The top of the 11th, Randy Velarde singled home pinch runner Pat Kelly to put the Yankees up by one and three outs away from a pennant-clinching contest. But Cora dragged a bunt down the first base line that stayed fair in the bottom half to lead things off. Then Griffey singled to put runners on first and third. Edgar Martínez walked the series off by hitting the series winning two run double to left field, sending the Mariners to the 1995 American League Championship Series.

4. Willis Reed
1969-70 NBA finals Game 7
Celtics vs. Lakers
Reed hobbling down through the tunnel of Madison Square Gardens to join his team. The fans erupted, and Reed provided an emotional lift for his team, and the Knicks went on to a 113-99 victory. Reed would be named the MVP of the season, as well as the NBA finals MVP, the first time it was awarded.

3. "The Drive"
Jan. 11, 1987 - AFC championship game against the Cleveland Browns.
Trailing 20-13 with 5½ minutes left in the fourth quarter at Cleveland, Denver took over on its two, 98 yards away from the tying touchdown. Elway drove down the feild scoring with 37 seconds left.

2. "Miracle on Ice"
1980 Winter Olympics Semifinal game. USA vs. USSR

Do You Believe in Miracles

1. 2007 Fiesta Bowl
Boise St vs. Oklahoma
Final 1:31 and overtime

GeGe Denise said...

Andy, good list...I forgot about the USA and Russia Hockey game and the Boise State game...good additions...what play was it when you called and I was watching MTV?

Rodgers Family said...

oh i dont have really any i can think of but Michael Phelps get all 8 metals. especially the last win

GeGe Denise said...

I have to say forgetting the Boise State game is like missing the Beatles in a list of the greatest rock groups. Also Becca is right on the Michael Phelps win, Mom is right with Keri Scruggs and the Olympic win and Andy is right with the Mariners getting in the ALCS with Griffey smiling etc.

One more---Andy and I getting tickets to go to the Mariner's playoff game in the Kingdome with Randy Johnson for the Mariners losing to Mike Masinna and Baltimore.

I should have said top ten.

Papa D said...

That was me on the last comment...not GEGE

Andy said...

Here is my 2nd top 5 moments. This list is for events that I was at live.

5. NIT Championship game in Madison Square Garden
South Carolina hitting a go ahead 3 with 5 seconds left. St Joe's hits a buzzer beat it to tie and force overtime.
South Carolina won in overtime.

4. Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts Preseason game.
I saw Jerry Rice run routs, too bad they never through him the ball. I also watch Maurice Clarrett warm up.

3. Gonzaga Senior Night.
Not only did I see a great game in the Kennel. I got to see Ravio and Mallon's final home games. And watched their families walk them across the floor.

2. Mariners vs. Orioles Playoff Game.
Not quite the pitchers dual, but it was too future Hall of Famer's and a great playoff game.

1. Yankee Stadium
Final Yankee/Red Sox game EVER in Yankee Stadium. Oh and the Yankees won on a walk off hit in the bottom of the 9th.

Andy said...

I did think about a couple of Olympic highlights (Dan vs Dave) but I chose against them. But I would have used when that old women won the silver(?) in swimming.

It was too hard to really pick a Zag moment. But I suppose the Morrison bank 3 pointer was pretty awesome.

Rachel said...

In no particular order. . .
1. Kerri Strugg Vault
2. Phelps getting the record (and some of his close races during the past Olympics)
3. Red Sox comeback against the Yankees (and Ortiz' back to back game winning home runs)
4. Gonzaga Elite 8 (and I'd even give a shout out the win to get them to sweet 16 this year)
5. Knicks--I can't think of one standout moment, though me sitting behind their bench was pretty cool.

Rachel said...

In no particular order. . .
1. Kerri Strugg Vault
2. Phelps getting the record (and some of his close races during the past Olympics)
3. Red Sox comeback against the Yankees (and Ortiz' back to back game winning home runs)
4. Gonzaga Elite 8 (and I'd even give a shout out the win to get them to sweet 16 this year)
5. Knicks--I can't think of one standout moment, though me sitting behind their bench was pretty cool.

Andy said...

I failed to mention when Dad and I went to the Inaugural Homestand at Safeco field. It turned out to be the first game after 9/11 and we saw A Rod hit the first Grand Slam ever in Safeco.

Papa D said...

Rachel...I know the Knicks have been challenging lately...but there were some great moments with Patrick Ewing....then...the greatest moments were in the early seventies with Bill Bradley and Company...a great legacy!!!

Rachel said...

Father, you are correct. I couldn't pick one. My true knicks are Starks and Ewing and Oakley, etc. I couldn't pick one. . . it definately isn't that PJ Brown fight with Van Gundy grabbing the guys leg :). Starks jam over Jordan that won a play of the year was good. Getting to the Finals was good ( a tragic loss in 7 games to the dang Rockets). . . I remember Pres. Bates had to deliver the bad news at Girls Camp to me. Allan Houston actually had a great shot to lift the 8th seed Knicks over Miami. Larry Johnson hit a clutch 3 with a foul to win the game for them. My fave Knicks season was them in the finals with Starks and Ewing. I really hope they pick up someone big in the off-season to return to their glory.

Andy said...

First off, I love the Knicks. Second, one player will not bring them back to the glory days (unless that is LeBron or Wade in 2010).

I thought Van Gundy held the leg in the Zo vs LJ fight. But I could be wrong.

Rachel said...

That's probably true. I get my Knicks brawls confused sometimes.

DJCK incorporated said...

1. I took Aaron and another father-son combo to a Mariner's home game many, many moons ago. Gaylord Perry strikes out Reggie Jackson on three straight pitches, all spitballs. Reggie charges the mound twice and has to be restrained. When he got to the dugout, Reggie, came back onto the field and flung all the ice out of a cooler onto the field--resulting in his ejection and 40,000 fans screaming at the top of their lungs. A moment I will never forget.
2. The Jim McMahon hail-mary pass to another non-Mormon at the ultimate end of the Holiday Bowl. Everyone talks about that one pass, but the entire comeback (what were they behind 45-21? or so in the 4th quarter?) was worthy of attention.
3. The Danny Ainge BYU drive in the NIT finals against Notre Dame after Kelly Tripuka put ND ahead with very little time on the clock. Oh my, worth watching time and time again.
4. This one was sad but spectacular. A couple of years ago, UW is beating Oregon State and no time on the clock. The OSU quarterback has no one to pass to, so runs for the end zone. Two UW defenders hit him about the 5 yard line simultaneously. Akili Smith, the QB, does a complete 360 degree somersault over the defenders and falls into the endzone for the winning score.
5. This and the 1st are the only personally witnessed events in this list. Back in the 80's, I took my kids to watch the Sonics play somebody. Gary Payton stole the ball and drove the length of the court only to throw the ball high above the rim (blind--he did not look behind himself) and Shawn the rainman Kemp grabbed it and slammed it home! The miracle was my conservative Laurel standing and giving Shawn the hoo-rah fist pump from 20 rows up. Ah-maze-zing!

Carl said...

Sorry, I had to post it. Yes this is Carl.

Brings tears to my eyes still.

Andy said...

If I remember correctly the Sonics lost a game off of that very play. They were down one and instead of take the lay up they got fancy missed and lost.

I considered the Ainge drive, it was on my list just not in the top five.

Carl I remember that play, not because I watched it (not on is Spokane) but because ESPN ran that they lost on the bottom of the screen. So I had to call a friend who was at the game to confirm.
The scramble is ridiculous

Papa D said...

I forgot about the Danny Ainge cross the court lay-in to win the game. However, I do believe that was in the NCAA tourney in the sweet sixteen or elite 8, wasn't it...rather than the NIT finals?

Andy said...

Here is the highlight.


GeGe Denise said...

Hey Carl,

so glad to hear from you.

Papa D said...

Carl, You probably already know this but the bishop of your ward Bishop Erickson is a friend of ours who used to live near us in Spokane.

Rachael and Brad Huntsman said...

1. BYU v. Utah 2006. Jon Beck to Johnny Harline, 3.1 seconds before the snap to win the game.

2. BYU v. Utah 2007. 4th and 18... Austin Collie's missed push-off that got him open for the long conversion leading to a game winning TD.

3. John Elway's dive into the endzone to beat the Packers 97 superbowl.

4. Kirk Gibson... nuff said.

5. 1992 Braves v Pirates, Bottom 9, 0-0. Superslow Sid Bream on 2nd, Francisco Cabrera hit's a shot into left center, Bream races for home, slides in, Braves win, Braves win, Braves w.... My TV blacked out at that moment and never lived again. Remember it like yesterday.

Rachael and Brad Huntsman said...

Wow, yeah, I missed some good ones. There are a lot of great moments from sports... In fact, I think I have cried more watching great moments in sports more than anything else... And it doesn't have to be a team I like... Just a great story.. Another one was Jason McElwain. Watch this and try not to cry.

Andy said...

The first time that I saw the J Mac video was with Trent Shippen. Coach Shippen has a son with autism and so it was very special to him. I normally cry when I see the video, Magic Johnson needs to finish that movie soon.

sarah jean said...

i can't believe this conversation has lasted this long!

Papa D said...

I can't believe I forgot the Jason McElwain video. It is surely in the top 5. (I don't know what I will give up.)

Rachel said...

Who is Kirk Gibson??