Sunday, October 17, 2010

Favorite Halloween Candy

As Halloween nears I thought it would be fun to name our Top 5 Favorite Halloween Candies.


Stefany said...

I have five favorites that move in ranking depending on my mood. Here are my top 5 based on what I am craving at the moment.

1. Kit Kat
2. Almond M&M's
3. Snickers
4. Almond Joy
5. Reese's PB Cup

Rachel said...

I was just thinking that I've missed our favorites things, so nice job Stef. These aren't in any particular order.
1. Twix
2. Reese PB Cup
3. Snickers
4. Baby Ruth
5. Kit Kat

sarah jean said...

mine are in particular order

1. almond joy
2.peanut m&ms
3. reese's pb cup
4. snickers

i miss the days we when we could come home from trick or treating, sort all our candy and then trade. it was so fun!! i always remember andy having the most candy...darn him.

Papa D said...

1. Mars bar (clear favorite!)
2. 3 Muskateers (I heard somewhere that these were less fattening than other candy bars, but if you are eating candy bars, that could be a non-issue)
3. Snickers
4. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
5. Toothbrush (Not really. This is just in case any dentists are reading this.)

Soilsqueezer said...

So is this candy or halloween candy? Because I can't stand nor would I ever buy a full size butterfinger, but for some reason the fun size butterfinger at halloween just fits the bill. I ask because I have never seen the fancy M&M's in a fun size (almond, pretzel, PB&J, etc.) So my top five are:

1. Fun Size Butterfinger
2. Milk Duds
3. Reese PB Cup
4. Snickers
5. Milky Way
Honorable mention (bit-o-honey, laffy taffy, dots, twix, sweet-tarts)

Soilsqueezer said...

Can I list the bottom five too? You know the ones that are always left over at the bottom of the barrel when you combine all the candy in the house just before the Christmas sugar rush?
1. Tootsie Rolls
2. cinammon hard candy
3. rootbeer hard candy
4. butterscotch hard candy (i see a theme developing)
5. partially unwrapped taffy

Rachel said...

So today I had the kids at work make a list of candy, and they reminded me that I forgot 100 grand. I love that one.
I also loved setting them out and trading them!

Carl said...

I have the candy tastes buds of an 8 year old kid. I recently found out that at Devin's last visit to the dentist, her and my dentist were making fun of the candies I prefer. They are....

Runts - I can eat these all day and I've heard they are going to stop making them so I buy them up whenever I can

Gobstoppers - A must when traveling. One box lasts me all the way up to Washington.

Sour Patch Kids - They burn my tongue after too many but I can't stop

Sour Watermelons - Same as above

Bottle Caps - You can only buy them during Halloween and I love them.

Looking at my list it is clear that if the Willy Wonka Factory ever opened their doors, I would be first in line.

GeGe Denise said...

Well, I do love here are my no particular order
1. Baby Ruth...just re-discovered this little gem.
2. Mars bar
3. Almond Joy
4. Reese's Peanutbutter cup
5. Peanut butter M&Ms.
At any given moment I could eat each and every one of these...

I too remember everyone bringing home their candy and trading and Andy always did have the most.

Andy said...

In Order

1. Mr Goodbar
2. Snickers
3. Reese's PB Cup
4. Crunch
5. Kit Kat

I worked hard to have the most candy. I would spend more time trick or treating and I would eat my candy the slowest.

I agree on fun size butterfingers, the ratio of insides to chocolate is much better. With the fun size I can continue to swallow the candy like normal.