Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Ashton!!!

A Very Happy Birthday To A Really Great Guy!!!!

In honor of your birthday, we would like to present you with a poem that we wrote:

A is for Awesome

S is for Strapping

H is for He-Man-Like Qualities

T is for Talented

O is for Origami in Human Form

N is for Nimble

Hope you had a great day! We wish we could have been there to share it with you!


sarah jean said...

i've often described ashton as having he-man like qualities!!

GeGe Denise said...

I love this...origami in human form.

Papa D said...

Well done and very deserving!

Rachel said...

I definitely agree and love the whole letter thing--took me right back to elementary school, which is always great.

Ashton Rodgers said...

i'm glad people noticed my nimble-ity!