Monday, November 17, 2008

I Can Now Cross This Off My List

I, Rachel, can now cross off my list getting to see Steve Nash, my current favorite NBA player, play basketball. That's right. He didn't have the flu this time as he battled the Jazz. It should be said that the woman by me asked who I was rooting for. I said, "The Jazz and Steve Nash because I love him." Here are my observations watching the game:
1. Nash is shorter and more muscular than he appears. He looks tiny next to Shaq (but so does Boozer, really).
2. Nash is pretty much high-fiving or congratulating his teammates all of the time.
3. He frequently licks his hands, which I find both interesting and, yes, attractive.
4. He is constantly moving and sometimes jumping on the sidelines (Mary's favorite part).
5. When Nash gets into foul trouble (he got #5 in the 3rd), he doesn't go into the key, which is a problem for the Suns.

All in all a great game, but I am worried about Phoenix. Shaq is old and seems a little out of place. I think they need to get some young guys to keep competing. The Jazz looked fabulous. And the Knicks would make the playoffs if they started today. I have hope for them this season!!!


Andy said...

I think Nash also skips quite a bit. And yes he is very emotional (he behaves like a soccer player).

With regards to Shaq, he did have 30 pts and 10 reb on Friday. So on certain nights he still is the old Shaq. What they brought him in for was to play Defense and Rebound. The nights where he scores is a plus. The other 4 starters can score enough to beat most teams.

PNX has been struggling to combine Terry Porter's philosophy with the Suns skill set. I think it will take until the All Star break. Plus they need Barbosa to return to the team pretty soon, right now they have a rookie point guard not ready handle the load.

Hendrickson Fam said...

I watched the game and tried to look for you and Mary!! I didn't see you!

Rodgers Family said...

maybe shaqs body was blocking the view of rach

Andy said...

I remember seeing Mark Eaten at John Stockton camp. He really looked like a lumberjack.