Wednesday, November 19, 2008

some cruise info!!

yo peeps! since i dont really do a lot at my job besides surf the internet, i've been researching this trip of ours and this is what i've found. ok so if we made a choice that we wanted to go on a cruise in the caribbean a way to affordabley would be to go on a 5 day cruise but not stop in as many cities. I have found a few cruises that start in florida and stop in key west, and cozumel. now that doesnt seem like a lot of stops, but they would be in the $200 range. I still think it would be fun, and worth it!!! this is why... i did some more research to find that jet blue has great deals on flights that depart from both salt lake and new york, and they are around the $200 range as well. which for me would make it worth it. i didn't want to pay $500 or $600 on a flight where i would only stop in 1 or 2 places. i however will pay $200 for a few stops and some fun with the fam!! How does everyone feel about that??


Rodgers Family said...

yippppppieeee! sounds fab to me!

Hendrickson Fam said...

so i was wrong about the price of flights, they would actually be around $450 for a round trip. we did find really fin cruises in the bahamas that stop in fun places for $259. how are those prices?

Rachel said...

I think that works. I think a cruise is probably the cheapest way to go, and would be fun. Andy and I went to Cozumel on our cruise, and I loved it so much that I would love to go again. They have AMAZING beaches. Does Southwest go the florida, and could people use their flights? Thanks so checking on all of this!

Hendrickson Fam said...

since Mom and I are the "cruise rookies" we are happy with anything. I think there are SW flights to places close enough that a car could be rented and driven to the departure location (Ft Lauderdale?).

Also, Mom and I need to get going on passports.


Hendrickson Fam said...

Also, the Bahamas would be fun because, as you may remember, Grandma Grace's relatives came from the Bahamas.

That sounds interesting except that, in my reading, it appears that there were three reasons why someone would have gone to the Bahamas.

1. Pirates
2. Slaves
3. British sympathizers escaping the U. S. after the Revolutionary War.

I have a feeling our relatives were probably the pirates.


Andy said...

I am some what of a cruise expert (Ashton is also an expert). So I will give my opinions:
1. The ship and length are the most important factors, all stops are great or they would skip them.
2. It takes money to enjoy the stops, so more at sea days would work better for people on a budget.
3. The food and the free shows at night are great. I would go on a cruise that had no stops.

I think Ft Laud/Hollywood airport is often less expensive than Miami.

Rachel said...

I think going on a cruise might actually be the most economical. Even when I had the sweet deal of a place to stay in Mexico, the food and everything ended up being expensive. I think the Bahamas would be fun.


This sounds wonderful to me. Thanks for doing all the work...I am learning how to blog...

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