Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5 Favorite Musicals

Taking Andy's suggestion that favorite movies of all varieties is too hard, let's start with our 5 favorite musicals. "Yentyl" will not be one of mine.


Stefany said...

1) Saturday's Warrior
2) Grease
3) Bye Bye Birdie
4) Hairspray
5) West Side Story
In that order :)

Andy said...

1. Annie
2. Sound of Music
3. Robin and the 7 Hoods
4. Moulin Rouge
5. Mary Poppins

But I would like to give a shout out to Wizard of Oz, Carmen: A Hip Hopera, and Oklahoma Land Rush

I did not like HSM3 at all

Papa D said...

(I have taken more of an old school approach.)

1. Music Man (The whole package: humor, romance, great music & lyrics, interesting plot, Ron Howard as a kid, and has a moral to boot.)

2. Camelot (The stage version with Richard Burton, Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet, not the horrid movie with Richard Harris & Vanessa Redgrave. I don't know why they make a movie out of a stage musical and insist on using people who can't sing or dance.)

3. Beauty and the Beast (a shout out to the Disney cartoon musicals. Good stories, great music and lyrics)

4. Les Miserables (Doesn't compare to the book, but the story is so important that it still works.)

5. Saturday's Warrior (It's dated but I still like it)


Well, I am of the REAL OLD School...but I do love all the musicals so far although I have not see Hairspray yet...

1) Les just touches my heart and I love the music.

2) Oklahoma...Whether it is Gordon McCrea(who was in Spokane playing golf with Bing Crosby in 1953 when her heard he got the part) and Shirley Jones or Hugh Jackman on Broadway or even the Civic Theater...I just love it.

3) Sound of Music...I just love it and have such great memories of watching it with you kids.

4)State Fair...saw it at the Opera with John Davidson in it...Dad took was fabulous.

5)Beauty and the Beast..I want to see it on stage but I love the music and the story.

Papa D said...

I am surprised that "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" has not made anyone's top five. (i.e. Stefany, Mom?)


Oh so right on...I will make it a tie with State Fair...I do love that movie...

Rachel said...

WEll, I haven't seen Wicked, and I think that would totally skew the list. I tend to think more of shows I've seen on stage, then the whole movie thing throws me off.

1. Les Mis (not to be confused with the crazy Claire Danes non-musical version)
2. Sound of Music
3. Mary Poppins
4. Newsies
5. Evita

Rodgers Family said...

1. Newsies
2. Sound of Music
3. Bye Bye Birdie
5.Highschool Musical... ok not really, but i do own it.


Ok...I am taking State Fair out of the running and adding Enchanted as a tie with 7 Brides...I just love that movie and the music. I too love the things I have seen on stage...

1. Sound of Music
2. Oklahoma
3. Les Mis
4. Lion King...which did not make my list but I still love it.
5. Bye Bye Birdie

Anyhoo...these are so fun to see what everyone the way, I have not seen ANY of the Becca that is one of my goals for this summer

Andy said...

I do not think that the Disney cartoons count as musicals, unless you saw them on stage. This is why I did not put any on my list.

I cannot follow Rachel's rule as I have not seen 5 musicals on stage. Unless you count the Road Shows

You do not need to put 7 Brides for 7 Brothers on the list, just like you do not need to put George Washington on your list of favorite Presidents, it is a given.

Andy said...

I really like Enchanted

sarah jean said...

1. wicked
2. newsies
3. beauty and the beast
4. lion king (the 1 we say in spokane
5. sound of music

Rodgers Family said...

oh ya lion king and wicked. i am an idiot.

Stefany said...

Agh!!! I completely forgot Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! It's the reason I have always insisted upon getting married in June! I was under pressure when making my list because Andy was trying to skew my answers by shouting out all his favorites and distracting me!

I'll try again:

1) Saturday's Warrior
2) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
3) Grease
4) Bye Bye Birdie
5) Hairspray


I love all of these comments..and Stefany I know when Andy does that to me it makes me nuts...or at least that is what I tell people...he is the reason I need my meds :) and thank you for saying that i do not need to put down 7 Brides for 7 Brothers or George Washington.

Andy said...

I was not shouting out my answers. It was my regular voice, and I did not try to skew her answers. She did not mention that I told her Saturday's Warrior, she would have forgotten it. You are welcome

DJCK incorporated said...

Hey there, big Daddy Uncle D checking in...we see a musical at the Walla Walla Outdoor theater every summer and love them! But, I would like to stick to the cinema field.
1) Little Shop of Horrors (c'mon now--Suddenly Seymour, Downtown, and even the academy award nominated "Big Green Mutha from Outer Space." Brilliant from the same guys who brought you Beauty & Beast and Little Mermaid from Disney)
2) Paint your wagon (c'mon now, my Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood trump Denny's Redgrave and Harris mismatches). But "Born under a wandering star" and "I talk to the trees" were superb.
3) West Side Story-- oh my gosh, "Maria", "Officer Krumpky" and on and on.
4)Grease--how in the world can Travolta sing so high? Cool
5)I do like Saturday's Warriors for the songs only. The scenery and acting were so cheesy on the videotape that I am sincerely hoping someone with some bucks can redo that with today's technologies.
)Honorable mention--and sad confession--I love the husky voice and bright spirit of Miley Cyrus. Sorry, this from a guy who is totally smitten by Adam Lambert on American Idol this year. But I will avidly watch anything that features Miley (or Hannah, doggone it)--provided she is singing and not just being a teenage Disney corny actress.


Well, I did love Paint your wagon but it did not make my favorites list...West Side good...but when he belts out a song right before dying just drives me nuts...but I did sob the first time I saw it. I did not like Little Shop of Horrors but the music from Grease is fabulous but again not on my favorites list. Den and I love going to the CDA summer Theater but I do not what they are doing this year nor am I crazy about the Broadway shows that are coming...cannot remember what they are...anyhoo...Saturday's Warrior gets to me every time no matter how cheesy.