Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Closet TV Shows

So as the tv season comes to a close, I feel the need to comment on tv shows that I like. My favorite show on tv right now is Lost. Pure joy. I also like 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, and The Office. Those are the shows that I watch.
I then have a few shows that I like but don't necessarily shout it out. . . closet tv shows, if you will. I'm not embarrased to say that I watch them per se, but keep it a little more on the down low.
For example, I love Dancing with the Stars. I mocked it when it first came on, and now I watch it each week. I have dances that I really like to watch (for example, the quick step) and pro dancers whose choreography I like (Derek Hough) and don't like (Edyta).
I also like Celebrity Apprentice. Mary and I watched it each week. I'm now a Jesse James fan, and just really enjoyed watching it. And I'm going to be watching Tori and Dean when it starts up again.
Lastly, not a tv show but close enough: I love a good ABC family movie. Most recently it was the Joey Lawrence-Melissa Joan Hart one. Loved it!
Any closet tv shows that people watch?



Well, my favorite shows are The Amazing Race, The biggest loser, The Office, CHUCK!!!, Survivor, 24 and Friday Night Lights (thanks, children for getting me into that.) and 30 Rock (thanks Den for getting me into that.) I am also into Jon and Kate plus 8...and concerned as this new season unwinds that they will not be married. My closet shows are weird documentaries on the documentary channel, strange British shows on PBS, and sometimes I watch, Celebrity Rehab...that is like watching a plane explode...I know I should look away but just cannot make my head turn...also, would sometimes watch Very Married Brady...now that I am ashamed of...Adrian is SO trashy but again, the plane crash theory...I also have on a RARE occasion watched Dog the Bounty Hunter...and I used to watch Fear Factor UNTIL they blended up a dead rat in NYC...actually watched him put it into the blender and turn it on and then the girl drank it...that was it for me...Stick a fork in me I AM DONE. I also love a great NBA game and NCAA games.

DJCK incorporated said...

Denise, there are NO great NBA games. But NCAA is another thing...

1) Survivor--no home teaching or being home taught on Thursday nights--I announce this in Priesthood and expect it to be heeded.
2) American Idol--I have avoided this for years until last year I got caught up with the Davids--Cooke and Archuleta. This year is the best with Adam Lambert and his two crooning competitors.
3) Dog the Bounty Hunter--I am with Denise on this. BUT, I think Dog is a blowhard. His brother and sons catch everybody, then Dog comes in swearing like a lumberjack until the cuffs are on. Then, they gather in a circle, holding tatooed hands and thanking Jesus. Hilarious.
4) Project Runway--I worry about my feminine side for liking this show so much. But it is fascinating and I really care about who wins.
5) I TiVO "Pyramid" with Donny Osmond as host and Carol TiVOs Judge Judy. We aren't proud of that, but hey, it's TiVo--we can watch during dinner.

Andy said...

I like the idea of starting with my favorite shows. Here they are:

Reality shows -
The Biggest Loser (no parent who sends their daughter home deserves to win)
Survivor (I should like a Soccer Coach, but he is beyond ridiculous. I did feel bad that his loved one was his assistant coach)
American Idol (We now only watch the elimination show, Kris is amazingly humble and I really liked Danny, his story is moving)

Regular Shows
Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles (I check every day to find out if it will be back. E voted it the show most worth saving and that gives me hope, they have been credited with saving One Tree Hill)
Tyler Perry's House of Pain (I love that it is one 8 hours a week. Every day from 7pm to 8pm and all night Wed)
24 (I hope Tony dies. I am against Torture, but is sure makes the show fun)
The Big Bang Theory (2 more seasons guaranteed)
Grey's Anatomy (At first I fought it, but I must admit I was wrong)
The Doctors (Although I have diagnosed myself with a new disease every day)

Ok now to my closet shows

Desperate Housewives (Lupus watched it in college and I mocked him, now I get it. Every week someone might die, just like 24)
The View (I agree with Whoopi almost always. Elizabeth and Joy are almost as ridiculous as Hannity and Colmes. And Sheri just wants to talk about Reality Shows)
Dollhouse (I am not ashamed to watch it, but it will be canceled soon and I do not want to be blamed)

I love watching the Playoffs, but Reggie Miller and Van Gundy drive me crazy. Why are they the experts on everything, what have they won? I really like Mike Tirico and I miss Bill Walton (he has won at every level, and will tell you about it). The TNT half time show is often as good as the game, Charles is crazy.



I disagree re: the NBA games but I am right with you on Dog...I do love the Pyramid but not so much Judge Judy...I do love our DVR...Den loves never having to watch commericals...he got that from our kids...I also like Next Top Model and have enjoyed Project Runway...but those I can watch proudly...

sarah jean said...

so i feel like i am pretty open about all the shows i watch but here goes....

my favs

*friday night lights- no doubt about it. i am THRILLED that it will be on for 2 more seasons. it is the best show on tv.

* gilmore girls, ok so they aren't making any new ones but i could and do watch this show over, and over, and over again. thanks to mom and p diddy for buying them for me.

*pretty much anything on TLC, great clean tv like jon & kate plus 8, little big people big world, 18 kids & counting, what not to wear, say yes to the dress.

*biggest loser- i love bob. i never dont want jillian to win anymore. sometime i want to gain weight just so i can go on the show... is that wrong???

*the office- ok so maybe its not as laugh out loud funny right now, but every time i watch it i am entertained and that to me makes a good tv show. i just love jim!

the bachelor, especially this next season when jillian is the bachelorette!!!

here are my "closet" shows...

* the hills
* real world road rules challenge
* keeping up with the kardashians
* taking the stage
* reba
* what i like about you

now that i look at this list it appears as though i'm a 15 year old girl. oh well at least i weigh less now then i did when i was 15!!!

Rachel said...

I forgot of my love of Project Runway as it's been off the air for so long. I love Tim Gunn. And I watch the Bachelor/ette.
I also forgot that I "closet" watch Keeping up with the Kardashians sometimes.

Rachel said...

And something sad happened this year (really that started last season): not all that into 24 anymore. I"ve seen most of the episodes on hulu, but some many weeks later. It's been an okay season, I just lost the true love that I have. Sad that they made such a great character bad (Tony).


So Andy I am right with you re: Helen on Biggest Loser...she threw her daughter under the bus to win...and Coach...well, I could go on forever on this guy and it was so sad that his loved one was the assistant coach. If Chuck gets cancelled I will be right there with you on Big Bang Theory...and Yes, Rachel I love Tim Gunn but I have loved 24 this year so much...too bad about Tony though...I have come to grips with it...and I do love Friday Night Lights...peace out.

Papa D said...

Here we go...

Reality Shows - I watch Survivor, Biggest Loser and Amazing Race. I used to watch American Idol but bissest Loser won out this year (same time slot.

Regular shows - 24, still my favorite. I have also come to enjoy Prison Break and Lost this year, which I didn't like so much in past years. My political show is This Week with George Steffanopolis mostly because of George Will. I have also started watching 30 Rock..in sports I watch Gonzaga/WSU basketball and pro teams with Mormons occasionally although Very rarely do I have the patience for an entire game of anything. Fortunately we have a DVR, which allows me to watch whole games in 15 or twenty minutes. Sports Center tpe shows are also good.

Closet Shows...OK, I actually for some unknown reason was interested in "Full Medal Alchemist" a couple of years ago, though I no longer watch. I really don't like Japanese animae but that one had a rather complex plot that interested me for a few shows until I could figure it out. My other closet show is physics oriented shows on history and scifi channels, with particular interest in releativity, string theory etc.


What can you say about an almost 58 year old who knows about Japenese animae...he is amazing

Andy said...

I just got the bad news that Sarah Connor has been canceled, I am quite sad. I am excited that Dollhouse got a 2nd season though. And I am very happy that Chuck will come back, but they need to cut the budget, what does that mean?

I watched the Survivor finale last night and really enjoyed it. I really liked Stephen and JT and I was happy that they made it all the way to the end. But I thought that Sierra and Debbie were way out of line with attacking Stephen. I think JT should have won, but apparently Stephen not being a jock was more than that group of sore losers could handle. They had control the whole game, Stephen voted for the person going home every time (he knew every blindside), that is incredible. And the fact that JT got no bad votes and all the good votes shows how people felt about him (I think he is brilliant, I was hoping they would have done IQ tests and shown that). I really hope that they go into business together and are very successful. I also want to find the people at home who voted for Sierra for fan favorite.

P.S. it is Marc Jackson with Van Gundy, I apologize to Reggie.

P.P.S thanks to Dad I have used the word Alchemy and have sounded very smart.

GeGe Denise said...

I would just like to say that as I have watched the seasoner opener of Jon and Kate plus 8 and read the mags about them...they need to quit the show, get some marriage counseling (it may be WAY too late) and just spend time being a family. Their marriage may be already over and that makes me sad.

GeGe Denise said...

you will notice that I am going from Grandma Denise to GeGeHendrickson as I am known now...I think the picture is more me.

DJCK incorporated said...

Oh those Spokane girls and their decollatages! You go ge ge!

GeGe Denise said...

Well, I did not mean to show "too" much skin but I loved the face so here it is.

Rachael and Brad Huntsman said...

Closet shows are HGTV Cash in the Attic. House Hunters, Property Virgins, and any new house buying show. The OC(andy's fault). Intervention on A&E is depressing, but I can't look away.