Monday, May 11, 2009


so yesterday was mother's day and sadly i was unable to be with my mama on this special day. so instead i went to church, took a nap and watched several lifetime movies about mothers. believe it or not we even watched the movie.... Mother may I sleep with Danger? tori spelling played the roll of the daughter in love with a stalker, it was riveting! and as i'm sure you can imagine... the acting was superb!! anyway i thought i'd give a little shout out to the lady i admire most in life, and who has given me everything!!

Top Ten Reasons Why i LOVE my MAMA

10. every time you call she gives you a play by play on she and my dad's day/week
9. she's the best to call when you've had a bad day
8. she is an amazing cook (i want to eat her banana bread right this very moment)
7. she and i could sit and watch TLC all day long!!
6. when she goes to the store she always comes back with special treats for everyone
5. she's very spiritual
4. she loves holidays and insists she celebrates the harvest.... i'm pretty sure she doesn't
3. she snorts when you really get her laughing
2.she loves my dad
1. i can't think of a more selfless and loving person (besides my dad). she is constantly giving to her family and never asks for anything in return.

thanks for everything you do.... love ya mom!!


Papa D said...

Very nice tribute Sarah! I couldn't agree more!

Rachel said...

Well said Sarbs. I also went to church and then watched some movies. But not Lifetime ones, ones on the DVR, yesterday meaning that I watched Unforgiven. I was not that into Unforgiven, and really don't like Westerns.

Rachel said...

I also like the pic of you on here, Dad. You look good.


well, here i am at working with tears in my eyes...I am very sure I do not deserve such praise...but I do love my family more than I can say and I am so sorry that I miised the Tori Spelling movie and "NO, you may not sleep with danger!!!"


Oh and I do CELEBRATE the favorite time of the year but I am NOT a pagan.

Andy said...

Were the tears in your eyes prior to reading this? I am guessing that would make reading rather difficult.

Love Ya Mother