Friday, February 20, 2009

10 random things!!

i think it would be fun if each member of the family shared 10 random things about themselves. somethings we may already know about.... and some may be new and fun!! everyone needs to participate!! have fun!
ok ok i'll go first....
1. i hate it when cupboard doors are open. in becca and ashton's apartment there is this one cupboard that wont stay shut and i try every single day to make it stick.... it totally bugs!
2. i drove 4 different cars in high school that often had problems
*betty- i would have to put her in neutral when i stopped
so i could constantly have my foot on the gas!
* The caravan- in case anyone forgot the gear shift was off one to the left meaning when you were in Drive it looked like you were in Neutral. that confused many a passenger in my car!
* CPS - yes this vehicle may have had more power the a rocket ship, however it lacked something very important... paint
* the lumina- this car was actually nice and cute... no complaints!
3.i fall asleep on my right side every night... but when i take naps i fall asleep on my belly
4. i hate hate hate the smell of pickles when there is no meal attached to them. like when becca thinks she needs a pickle at 10:00 pm i want to puke!
5. one of my very favorite memories EVER is playing junk yard in the basement with andy, becca, cherise, romel, and sometimes the Calamias. i had my first kiss playing that game, yes that's right romel and i smooched in the basement!
6. cherise and i would watch movies like the Pelican Brief and the Fugitive and pretend like we understood them. we were like 9 years old. i would do this because i remember mom, dad, rachel, and andy saying they were great movies. i dont even know if i fully understand the Pelican Brief now?? i should have been watching saved by the bell!
7. one night in high school me and some girls took a lawn nome from someone's lawn, drove it around town and took pictures of it at random hot spots in spokane. then we developed the film and wrote a story as if the nome had written it explaining where it had travelled to on its adventure around town.
8.because of my family i assume everyone scares their family and friends while they are going to the bathroom.... i have found its not as common as one might think.
9. i dont like it when people breath loudly and or make a whistling sound when they breath.... it freaks me out and its all i think about if i hear it. dont they hear it?? i think to myself
10. one time when i was roller blading i fell really hard on my tail bone. since then i can't sit very long in the same position with out my buns hurting, so i always have to rotate at movies, church or on road trips.


Rodgers Family said...

i love this sarah! i will post mine shortly. how fun.

Papa D said...

Here are some random things about me. I don't know f I can think of 10. (Most of these are already well known.

1. I don't like to have my arms get cold. Other than on hot summer days, i ear long sleeves.

2. i like tomatoes in lots of things but can't stand plain tomotoes or tomato soup.

3. I eat Adams peanut butter on celery every day. Sometimes I put the peanut butter on carrots. It really doesn't matter to me. The vegie is just something to put the peanut butter on.

4. You kids have met many famous people. The most famous person I have ever met in person and talked to was an actor from the TV show "Petticoat Junction". This was at the Kalispell Fair. (I did jog by Robert Redford at the BYU track one day, but no communication occured.

5.Mom and I have never even once in 31 years of msrriage changed the side of the bed we sleep on.

6. I color Denise's hair (the roots)

7. On my mission, I appeared on a Japanese TV show, like the Today show but only for the city. One of their sponsors was a bathroom scale company. They weighed me and the studio audience gasped when the read my weight.

8. My brother was friends growing up with Troy Evans who is on the TV show ER

9. I have never been to Europe

10. Now that I think of it, I know more famous people. Shana Warr. She was on Full House for 1 episode then came to Spokane and was schizophrenic. Remember?

Stefany said...

1. I love listening to certain T.V. show theme songs over and over again. The theme song from the Wonder Years ("A Little Help From My Friends") and Growing Pains ("As Long As We've Got Each Other") make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
2. I've always had a little OCD. When I was young I couldn't just have fun. Playtime had to be very organized. My brothers remember me setting our book collection up as a library and making them check out books. They did not like it.
3. I once made a music video for my Multimedia class in High School. It was to Britney Spear's "Oops I Did It Again". I danced and lip synced in it. I am embarrassed just thinking about it, so in case anyone was wondering, No, you will not be able to see it.
4. I have had detention in all three of my K-12 schooling levels. In elementary school there was a misunderstanding and I turned in my math homework after first recess instead of first thing in the morning. So I went to what they called G.Y.A.T. (Get Your Act Together) during morning recess . . . I know! Pretty harsh for elementary school. In middle school I got something like two tardies in a two week period so I had to go to lunch detention. In High School I reached the maximum allotted tardies again and was therefore sentenced to after school detention. I had to sign some agreement that was then sent home to my parents, but I intercepted it at the mailbox and to this day I don't think they know about it!
5. If you buy Russell Stover's Assorted Nut, Chewy, and Crisps there is a raspberry caramel that is to die for. I wish they made a box filled only with raspberry caramels.
6. One Friday night after a football game I was watching the news when I heard a tap on our sliding glass door. Some guys from school wanted to hang out. I let them in through the basement door and we watched a movie. Later they needed a ride home, but it was very late and my parents were in bed (plus they didn't know they were there). So we all got in my dad's car out in the driveway and put it in neutral and coasted down the hill until I felt it was safe enough to turn on the engine (it was a VERY loud car). Then I drove the boys home. And I may or may not have been 16 at the time!
7. I was not able to swallow pills until I was a Freshman in college. To this day I have to concentrate really hard and don't always get them down on the first try.
8. I wish I lived in the 60's. I love the music, I love the clothes, and I feel like it was a much more happy time back then (well except for the war and all that).
9. I was originally going to go to college at the University of Arizona, but because of some unfortunate circumstances I ended up at the University of Idaho. I now know I wasn’t supposed to go to Arizona, I needed to be closer to home.
10. I am a pack rat. I keep everything: old credit card bills, bank statements, school papers, clothes, shoes, and all sorts of things with even a little sentimental value. This is what made moving to New York very, very hard!

Andy said...

Well I am not going to do my 10 things right now. Instead I am going to comment on other peoples list.

As young as I can remember Sarah was kissing my friends Romel, Mat, Scott and Joel. Those are the ones I remember oh yes Nathan Hainsworth as well.

Loud breathing only bothers me in the class room. I think this is because I know how long it has been since they last moved. And they must have COPD. Nose whistles bother me unless it is little kids.

Stefany will randomly want to switch sides with me in bed. One night we switched back but neither of us remember how.

I never knew father was on TV. I think they would have gasped at your height as well.

Can you believe that Stefany had 3 more detentions than me. Of course her parents and the teacher never discussed holding there 6th grader back.

The Larsen women will keep every piece of paper they can for quite a while. They will then shred them all to hide the evidence. Molly has 2 shredders in case things need to be shredded quickly.


Well, this is hysterical. I did not know that Sarah kissed Romel in the basement...and I do not like that "junkyard" was played in my basement...that is rather a sad statement on my housekeeping. Dad's list I know about...My little Stefany your list is hysterical...organizing the books...3 detentions, sneaking out at night to drive boys home!!! And, Sarah, I did not figure that you understood "The Pelican Brief" but it is a great movie...try watching it now.

1. I happen to sneeze very loud with some of my sneezes...they just sneak up on me and I cannot help it.

2. I think that I can curse myself or others with bad things happening because a week before my dad died I told a friend that no one every close to me had died. To this day (and after hours of Dr. Ashby working with me on this thought process) I still feel like I caused his death and am afraid to say things like that out loud.

3. I shave my legs every time I shower. I cannot STAND to have my stubble legs touch together.

4. I LOVE tomato soup but because Dad hates it so I never have it here at home (see #2 on his list) I just gave it up...I have it about once a year when I have lunch out with Jill. (not a martyr...just seemed easier than opening different cans of soup for the same meal...although we rarely have canned soup.)

5. I crunch very loud when I eat fresh vegies...I try not to but cannot seem to help it.

6. Being around chronic lung patients who cough all the time drives me I figure I will get a chronic lung disease and sound like I am horking up a lung all the time. (please read my #2 and you will understand that

7. I was a reporter on the newspaper at LC. My friend katie Fahey and I were going to spend the day at Gonzaga Prep (when it was an all boys school) and write about it...(yeah! we were so excited about that)but the last girls who had been at the school where pants and thrown in the boys bathroom...therefore 2 guys got to spend the day at Marycliff girls school. I am still disappointed to this day.

8. Dad and I do not go to the bathroom in front of each other unless it is absolutely necessary. Nothing we ever discussed...just the way it has been for almost 32 years.

9. I started reading the daily newspaper when I was about 9 years old. Loved it.

10. I have been on TV twice...on the Captain Cy show...a local guy at KREM hosted a kids' show that showed cartoons and stuff and once a year we were all on it because Dad worked at KREM...I picked my nose on camera and while wearing a dress (which girls did all the time...we could not wear pants to school or anything) i sat with my legs a ways apart and gave some people a look at my underpants...I still get embarrassed about that now. My dad was mortified and I never wanted to mortify him...EVER!!!

Rachel said...

I enjoyed reading these. I love that the Japanese gasped at Dad's weight.

1. I hate hearing people breath. Good that they're breathing, but loud breathing drives me crazy.
2. During any montage (awards shows, half-time sports or olympics things) I always try to determine where the music is from (usually a movie).
3. If I had to choose a favorite game from my childhood, it would be playing Barbies, then probably playing Life or Go For It.
4. Lately I've been into setting the DVR for movies I've never seen and watching them (especially R ones that are edited so I can see them), but sometimes fast forwarding them and watching just to get the idea. A good movie I stick out. Fargo, Crash, and Mystic River were great.
5. I chew gum a whole lot. Pretty much most of the day, usually extra winterfresh.
6. One day in High School on a half day I went to lunch with Nick, Chris, Trish, and I can't remember if it was Lars or Amy, but the boys threw tartar sauce from Zips at a car and we still refer to it as the Drive-by tartaring.
7. I don't like writing in a journal, so I don't. I have a temple journal that I write when I go to the temple and try to do things like that, but find it way more stressful to write than not.
8. I love roller coasters. Love them. I also love Lost and The Bachelor right now.
9. My closet is extremely organized, including everything grouped together in categories and then by color according to the rainbow.
10. I don't answer my phone very often and am trying to be better at answering it. It's not that I don't like it, just that if I have to get up or am in the middle or something, I don't answer it.

Rachel said...
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Well, I had no idea about the "Drive by Tartaring"...I am learning a lot about my children. Now, I will make sure to see Fargo (dad has always told how good it is but I have never seen it start to finish) and I have never seen Mystic River listed so I will look for that. I loved Crash but it haunted me and still does...the ending just broke my heart. I do not write in my journal very often and that bothers me...what really bothers me though is that I have gone back and read some things from years ago and found them so stupid that I ripped them out and then thought that maybe one of you kids might have learned something from that experience of do not do that...Elder Maxwell did not keep a journal...just a side note...I need to organize my closet so Rach next time you are here that is our job.
I really do not like to hear people breath either...but a DEEP gross cough bothers me much more so I cut the Loud breathers some slack.

just my rambling thoughts on a lonely Sunday morning.

DJCK incorporated said...

Okay, well here goes an attempt from a voice from the past:

1. I can't stand to hear testimonies that are never a testimony about the church--just an inspirational story. I often groan when they ramble and Carol jabs me in the ribs for it.

2. I have only watched American Idol for one year--and refuse to watch the early shows with humiliation to the morons who nobody has apparently clued in to being so bad.

3. I went to Forks last year and stayed just down the hall from "Bella's Suite" across from the hardware store. Went to first Beach and looked for werewolves (carol insists I call them shape shifters--but I am old school) and didn't find any.

4. My sneaky treat is two plain tacos for $1 at Jack in the Box. If I know dinner will be delayed, I grab the tacos and eat them before I get home. Carol always finds the evidence and confronts me (I call her Sherlock when she does).

5. I do crossword puzzles in ink--it drives Carol's folks crazy that I do. I hope that's not why I do it, though.

6. I helped Liza Ray (from the King family) go through enrollment at BYU one year.

7. I TiVo the game show "Pyramid" and enjoyed Donnie Osmond as the host until I learned the episodes quit filming in 2004 so I was watching old stuff. I like Donnie but just refused to cough up $140/ticket at the Flamingo in Vegas to hear him and Marie. I don't like him that much.

8. I often question my sexuality because I like "Project Runway" so much.

9. I am sure I am way ahead of my wife in back-tickling. She doesn't deny it, but won't make an effort to catch up.

10. I hate cutting my pinkie fingernails because they are so darn handy for picking my nose.


I am excited that Dennis J McCain is on our blog!!! So fun to read his list and I can hear him say those things in my head. Love you.