Friday, February 20, 2009

Oscar Ballot

Though we are far away, some traditions still continue. How about if everyone picks their favorites on a comment?

1. Actor
2. Actress
3. Supporting Actor
4. Supporting Actress
5. Director
6. Song
7. Costumes
8. Visual Effects
9. Animated
10. Picture


Papa D said...

1. Actor - Brad Pitt
2. Actress - Kate Winslett
3. Supporting Actor -Heath Ledger
4. Supporting Actress-Marisa Tomei
5. Director - Slumdog Millionaire
6. Song - Jai Ho
7. Costumes - Australia
8. Visual Effects - Iron Man
9. Animated - Kung Fu Panda
10.Best Picture- Slumdog Millionaire


1. Brad Pitt (although Mickey Rourke will probably win.
2. Kate Winslet...Meryl Streep should pay for Momma Mia
3. Heath Ledger
4. Amy Adams
5. Slumdog Millionaire
6. (I do not have a clue)
7. Austrailia
8. Iron Man
9...I do not know
1. Slumdog Millionaire and I wish I could see it but will wait until it is on TV

Andy said...

Here are the ones I posted on the last, Oscar Pics page

1.Mickey Rourke 'The Wrestler'
2.Kate Winslet 'The Reader'
3.Heath Ledger 'The Dark Knight'
4.Amy Adams 'Doubt'
5.Ron Howard 'Frost/Nixon'
6.O Saya 'Slumdog'
7.The Duchess
8.The Dark Night

Please note No Brangelina anywhere, I am not a fan

sarah jean said...

1. anyone but mickey rourke
2. Kate Winslett
3. Heath Ledger or robert downey jr
4. amy adams
5. slumdog millionaire
6. down to earth wall-e
8. dark night
9. kung fu panda
10. slumdog millionaire

Rachel said...

Oh, I love any Oscar discussion and always miss the parentals for the Oscars. Be excited as I will surely blog about this tomorrow!
1. Actor--Mickey Rourke (entertaining speeches and I read a great interview that he gave. . . Sylvester Stallone and Sean Penn helped give him work to get him back into acting. . . Stallone paid him out of his own pocket)
2. Kate Winslet--Mary and I are going to write letters if she loses.
3. Supporting Actor--Heath Ledger (wouldn't be sad if Robert Downey Jr, but he won't)
4. Supporting Actress--I'm torn on this. It's a toss up between Penelope Cruz and Viola Davis. I'm saying Penelope Cruz but Davis could upset.
5. Director--Slumdog
6. Song--the Peter Gabrielle one. Really, they chose Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgins for more minutes that giving Peter Gabrielle his whole song?!!!
7. Costumes--Duchess
8. Visual Effects--Dark Knight
9. Animated--Wall E
10. Picture--Slumdog


I just want to say I love my family and all this discussion and also, I did not really like Wall-e...stuck with it but it just bugged me...I did not know that about Sylvester Stallone and Sean Penn...Mickey Rourke has lived a sad life so I am glad he is back...I am sad to say I do not one song this...I must listen to KDRK a little TOO much.