Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cruise - Dog Bisquits and collared shirts

Hi! The cruise is getting close!!!

We learned a little tidbit from Brent Maughan who goes on lots of cruises. He says to buy some dog bisquits when you get to Ft Lauderdale while you buy the snorkeling gear and put them in a plastic sack. Then, when you go snorkeling, you let a little bit of the dog biscuit out and fish come to you like crazy. Sometimes you need to throw some away from you to clear the area.

Also, I e-mailed some information on dinners and clothes etc. Basically, you can wear shorts and swimming suits everywhere except to dinner where they want you to wear collared shirts and pants or nice jeans for guys. Slacks or jeans, dresses skirts and tops for women.

It sounds a bit like selecting the dress standard for a youth dance, doesn't it?

There is also a dress up restaurant if you went to really dress up (ties etc). I don't know how people feel about that.

Andy said that typically on cruises the drinks cost (everything but water). The lobster might also be charged.

See you all in a couple of weeks!


sarah jean said...

well i think it would be fun to dress up one night but we for sure dont have to. i'm planning on bringing nice casual skirts for the evening but if i need to go fancier then that i can!!! the other benefit to bringing dog bones is when you see a lonely hungry dog on the street you can "throw him a bone"!!!

Andy said...

If you do not think that you can go without Diet Coke I would recommend buying some at the store when you arrive. And bring it on the ship (there will be room in your bag, because you will need that space to bring souvenirs back with you)

I will bring a tie if you would like, and maybe a suit if everyone wants to dress up.


I want to get a new outfit so I am game to dress up a bit...not a formal or anything but something nice. Brent said the fish will almost swarm around if you give them a dog bone which will disintergrate in the water...i will bring some ziplock bags for that and i will also bring diet coke so if someone "needs one bad, boss" I will have it. I will charge you a lot less than the cruise ship will.

Rachel said...

The lobster should be free in the normal dining room. I agree on buy your own diet coke. They have a drink fee, which is quite expensive because soda and alcohol fit in under it all.

ArizonaLewis said...

i will bring the dog bone, soaking in diet coke,in a zip loc bag. then i can get fish and hendricksons to swarm me.
hi my family. i miss you all.
where are we going?


I love that we have Arizona Lewis posting a comment...

Love ya.

DJCK incorporated said...

Of course Arizona Lewis is in it. So are the Kennewick McCains. Sounds like you have excitement coming up and that always makes us happy!!! For myself, I'm not into fish swarms, unless they are brook trout and my Mom were back to "cook em up in a pan." Have fun. When and where?