Thursday, February 19, 2009

Urp Snerd and Framus

We were discussing words used around our home not used by anyone else (such as Leona Work Day). Well, Mom said one yesterday that I hadn't heard on the outside.

Urp Snerd and Framus

I don't know how to spell this, and actually don't even know what it means.


sarah jean said...

i need to the know the context in which it was said. i feel like i have heard her say it before but i'm not sure????
another one is SPIFF

Andy said...

It does not sound familiar at all. Was she on extra meds?

Papa D said...

I believe "spiff" actually is a word. It is the verb form of the adjective "spiffy", as in "he is a spiffy dresser".


Urp, snerd and framus are just funny little words that I use to use and last night they made an appearance in my mind and popped out my mouth...not on any extra meds...which does not mean much since I take a bit...just part of being a Denise