Friday, February 13, 2009

Dad's Thought of the Week

Here is my thought of the week:

"Do your duty that is best, leave unto the Lord the rest"

This statement is originally attributed to David O. Mckay (who made a lot of quoted statements, "No success can compensate for failure in the home", etc.)

What's interesting is that this statment has been quoted by President Monson in General Conference in 1986, 1992, 2005 and, most recently, in Oct of 2008.

We generally focus on the "Do your duty that is best" part, and that is important, but often do not think of the "leave unto the Lord the rest" part. Often we spend our time, worrying about the rest leaving us little time to do our duty.

As things get a little tense, with the econmic problems and all the other challenges, I think the words of our prophet, repeated 4 times, can be very comforting.

I love you all!


Andy said...

That is not always easy, especially in these economic times.

Great thoughts


I think that my husband is brilliant...he probably woke up this morning thinking this after listening to me worry about everything last..."a plane crash in NY, a small plane crash in London, missiles in Pakistan, will Matt be happy on Friday Night Lights?, will the kids have good jobs with this economy? Planes do crash, going to Miami, and on and on and on...and this was after we exercised I could not get to sleep so at 11:45pm (yes, I was still awake!)I was perseverating about things and he essentially said "I'll say prayer" and went to sleep. I then got up and read a cookbook for awhile...anyhoo, I digress, I need to leave the rest to the Lord and will try to do this. Thanks, Den. I love YOU

Rachel said...

Well said Father.

Mother, I believe that Matt will be happy on FNL. I just watched the episode today and feel bad for him, but I think he will be fine :).

sarah jean said...

dad i think you should have a book and or website with p diddy's thoughts of the week. everyone would LOVE it!!! you are so very wise.

Papa D said...

One additional comment. Some people might mistakenly think that Pres Monson is saying, "IF you do your duty, then the Lord will take care of the rest." That is not so. He does not say IF. Rather He will take care of the rest and we are to focus on our duty.