Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back to the Cruise is what I have so far....nothing is in stone but let me know if this appears OK...

I think the consensus has us going on a 5-day cruise to the Carribean, probably flying Southwest to Ft Lauderdale and driving to the site.

We are still pending information on Ashton's trip to New York, but I think we are talking in the direction of March 14 - 19 or so.

Mom and I would be able to pay for the cruise for everyone if we can get it around 250-300. That would leave you the cost of getting there. (Mom and I have 2 free SW trips, which would allow us to do this.)

Does that sound right?



Andy said...

That sounds great to us, the dates should work well. I am very excited for the trip to take place.

Hendrickson Fam said...

umm that's way way way amazing!! i have no life... therefore i am always ready for a cruise!! thanks M&D you guys are the bestest ever!!!

Hendrickson Fam said...

ok so i have a new idea... mom and dad could pay $200 toward everyone's cruise and we could pay the rest... good idea?
also these are the cruises i found online
1. March 16 from Miami.
sea,Nassau Bahamas, sea, Great Stimp Cay Bahamas, sea, and back to Miami. $269

2.march 15 from Port Canaveral
sea, Port Lucaya Bahamas, 2days in Nassau Bahamas, sea, back to Port

3.march 16 from Port Canaveral
Sea, Coco Cay Bahamas, sea, Nassau Bahamas, sea, back to port

those are the options i could find for that week. everyone vote and we'll start getting things ready!


All of this makes me very excited...I am on my way to have my hand surgery...I will check in with you folks in a day or you.

Andy said...

One other thing to look at is the size of the ship. The newer and bigger the ship, the more activities on it.

Miami is closer to Ft Laud, but Port Canaveral is an easy drive, Rachel and I have done it.

Way to go everyone.

Oh by the way. Sarah you just got back from Hawaii so I do not buy the no life stuff.

Rodgers Family said...

This is Rachel.
First off, it is so nice of the parents to give money for this. You spoil us.
I agree with Andy in the Port Canaveral is quite a drive so Miami or Ft Lauderdal sounds best. I love the 1st one that Sarah found. It would be way cool to be in the Bahamas. I say we do it.

Andy said...

Have you checked to see if those dates are blacked out. Normally they black out spring break weeks and holidays

Rachel said...

I checked on things in Nassau and there are tons. Including swimming with dolphins, Mom. It's about $100, but if we are on a cheaper cruise it might be a possibility. I am thinking probably the sooner the better to get the tickets.

Andy said...

I think it is during the black out dates.

How much does that change things?

Rachel said...

I think if we don't go this week it might never happen. . . it's been tough coming up with one week when everyone can go. Thoughts?

Andy said...

I think we can play it out a couple weeks. And it will either work itself out or will lead us to when it will work