Friday, December 5, 2008

mama's urgery

Mom is having surgery on her hand today! Let's remember her in our prayers, so that she can have a quick recovery and we can all enjoy the holidays together! Thanks mom for all that your little hands have done for us through the year: Tickle, shoot rubberbands, cook, clean, work, flick, sew, basically everything around the house!
Love ya tons!


Andy said...

Do not forget pulling arm/leg hair and wedgies while on the phone.

Love ya Mom and those baby hands.

Andy said...

I love when I comment and no one comments on my comment


I love being reminded of how irritating I can be and have been in the past. My baby hands are feeling better so all of you better watch out for my tricks...Just a warning.

Andy said...

Who knew something so small could be so powerful. Your hands are like Napoleon.