Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Magic!

Do you want to know what i did this weekend? Good i'll tell you. it started off not being that rad and this is why i was walking out to my car early friday morning and i noticed something behind the back tire. as i got closer i was able to see what it was.... and i wasn't happy. suddenly the memory of parking my car the night before all came back to me. i had to parallel park which means i had to go in reverse a few times to straiten out. do you want to know what i saw..... a dead cat. and to make matters worse it looked as though it had been reversed over a few times. this made me so sad. yes i may work for a hunting company, but that doesnt mean i enjoy killing household animals. now i dont actually think i was the one that innitially took the little critter down. but i obviously played some part in its arrival into the afterlife. Do all Cats go to Heaven? i wish i knew? but they never made a movie about that.

Friday gold tip had a lunch christmas party. it was way fun and had amazing food! the best part was the raffle. you could win an ipod with an idoc (which i want) a digital camera and a memory card (which i need and want) a digital frame ( i only kinda want, but it would be nice to have) and then a cd player alarm clock ( i dont want at all, i have an alarm clock and a cd player)! so it came to the big moment.... will they draw my name?? will they not???? the ipod went to the oldest lady at gold tip, and she didn't even know what it was. "that's alright she deserves it" is what went through my head as i tried to get in the christmas spirit. it was turquoise did i mention that... i would have looked so cute with a turquoise ipod. anyway the cameras were given away along with the frame. finally one gift left and we all know what was left.... drum roll please ......padadapadadapadada Sarah! i couldn't believe it. yessss! a brand new alarm clock. i was thrilled that i actually won something, but in my head i was like what?? an alarm clock? do they even make those anymore? i felt like i was 10 years old again asking for a clock radio! am i ungrateful? come on sarah some kid somewhere would love that. so i've decided to embrace the alarm clock. right after i convince the lady who won the ipod to switch with me... i mean these days you just can't find a good quality alarm clock anywhere.

friday becca and i decided last minute to go see Australia, the movie that is... not the continent! and i must say i loved it! its long... 2 hrs 40min to be exact. i was totally and completely entertained the entire time. a few friends from work were there as well and they loved it and they were men! so if you are bored and you want a good clean, not for kids, but for adult fun movie go see it! then we can all really discuss it. also i'm pretty sure that there will be a rise in the adoption of aberigeny children. i know i want one! trust me you will feel the same. there will also be a rise in the adoption of any grown Australian men named Hugh Jackman, because i'm in the market for one of those. oh yeah when we arrived home i just happened to park near the same spot as i did the night before. Stop reading if you are eating or get grossed out by dead animals: becca may or may not have stepped in the cat's remains! and most likely its a may! it was pretty nasty, she almost gagged.

Saturday it snowed! it was the first real snow fall of the year!! Ella and i played out on the balcony in the snow, by played i mean i would hand her some snow and she would eat it! by the way she loved it! like mother like daughter. if anyone remembers, becca loved eating snow. she would come in with bowls full of it!! sometimes she would even put food coloring in it! becca said to Ella "someday when you are older i'll teach you how to add 7Up to it" ahh the things we learn from our mothers!
the evening ended with me driving up to the SLC for mary's birthday. it was way fun!!! rachel made an amazing lasagna! we ate, laughed and of course prank called. i scheduled a meeting with a ward mission leader, and even better arranged for free dental care! yes that's right i spoke with a young asian dentist named jung. he was very very nice and he agreed to give me free dental work on my bi-cuspid that has been bugging me lately. i told him i would repay him with service... now that's what Christmas is all about!!


Rodgers Family said...

I will never be able to look at my Converse shoes in the same loving way again! dang sarah for a killing a helpless cat and parking by it the next day so that I would step in his or hers brains! Oh and Australia was the best. Now all I have to see this Christmas is Valkrye and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

oh and you all wish you could have made your own 7up showcones. Ashton had no idea about this trick cause he grew up in Arizona. Poor guy


Oh my I have the funniest family or what...I was snorting out loud about the old lady (and probably my age, right?) getting the Ipod and Sarah getting the alarm clock...then reading on about the cat...then wanting to adopt some type of ABORIGINE children and then Hugh Jackman (which I almost agree with except I am married to Santa Claus) and then Becca stepping INTO the cat...on to Becca and the snow...I just loved her little mind thinking that if she put food coloring into snow it would taste like a sno-cone because it LOOKED like a sno-cone...I tried to talk to her about this but gave up...then she discovered 7-up and was REALLY happy. I want to see Australia also...glad Mary's party was fun...

Andy said...

Will you prank call someone here to get us health insurance. That would be great.

On my mission I ran over a possum, I hope all possum's go to heaven.

Valkrye does look good and since Tom has been repentant on his Matt Luaer outburst I will forgive him.

Rachel said...

I also forgive Tom. And the prank calling was fabulous on Saturday.