Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breath of Heaven

Today I was listening to the wonderful CD made by Rachel (it really misses Rich Chapin) and when I heard Breath of Heaven I remember a great college experience. Now to understand this you have to picture a Bishop who is stern like Bishop Maughan, conservative like President Frederickson and has the poker face of President Bush.
So a girl in the ward was supposed to sing a hymn for Christmas with her sister accompanying her on the piano. But when she got to the pulpit she explained that she looked at her sister and the both new that they were to perform Breath of Heaven instead. So for the entire song I got to enjoy the look that was on the Bishop Loves face (his name was not apparent at this time).

Have a Merry Christmas


Rachel said...

I am glad that you enjoy the CD. Parents, I'm bringing you one. Perhaps you can ask Bro Chapin to sing the song to add for future years.

Denny & Denise said...

Fantastic Story. I have had a few of these on the stand myself. The thought crosses your mind, "When did we lose control?"

I actually have had someone doing a special musical number in Sacrament Meeting bring up a take recorder and play the background to her song, complete with back up musicians (drums, bass player, guitar licks, etc.


Rodgers Family said...

what!!!! I cannot believe I have not heard that story. Andy u are getting forgetful with old age


I love moments like this one...Dad's face shows I just have to look at him and I know what he is thinking...and then I just smile. I am anxious to hear this the way, Rich sang in the Primary YW choir.