Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sarah and Rachel's Vegas and Wedding Weekend

Sarah and I (Rachel) had a fabulous weekend. We went to Tia and Dave's wedding in St. George, and stopped by Vegas on the way the day before. We went to the strip and got to see Loree. The wedding was beautiful. We had a great time--and didn't have any snow on the drive!


Hendrickson Fam said...

What wonderful photos! do I have the best looking, most wonderful family ever?


So first of all, Rachel I love your hair. You and Sarah look beautiful. Okay, and Tia and Dave look so happy. I see the sun is shining in other parts of the world. That makes me jealous since I look out my windows at work and all I see is grey skies and snow...lots of snow!!! I am anxious to have you girls home safe and sound.

Rodgers Family said...

Ahh I wish I could have been involved in this trip!