Friday, January 30, 2009

Activities at Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay

Hi! In regard to activities at Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay on the cruise, inmost cases, I understand it is less expensive to wait until you get there and shop around. There are somethings that fill up quick and probably need to be scheduled through them. Info on these things is available at under shore excursions, Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay.

At Nassau, there is the dolphin swim which gets filled up quickly so we may need to do that in advance. I have two spots reserved so far but Mom and Sarah and Rachel have expressed interest in this and maybe Becca. I can add reservations. I can also cancel them up to 5 days before the cruise. There is also the stingray snorkle thing and just plain snorkeling, but that probably doesn't have to be planned in advance. There are also a lot of sights to see that also do not need to be planned in advance.

At Great Stirrup Cay, there is snorking, being at the beach and parasailing. Since this is a private island, the parasailing probably needs to go through them and needs to be done in advance. the price is $79. We probably can bring our own scuba gear and save the $20 rental here.

Let me know what I need to reserve!!


Andy said...

Do you mean snorkeling gear. I am guessing Mom will not allow us to go out scuba diving by ourselves, but I could be wrong.

This will be very fun

sarah jean said...

i want to go parasailing!!!

Dad said...

Andy, yes I meant snorkeling, but I would like to do scuba diving if I could. Mom's OK with scuba diving. It is sky diving that she is not too keen on.