Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Oscar Nominations

I feel the need to comment on the Oscar nominations. I have come to the conclusion that as I am not a skier and do not enjoy the snow, the Big 3 award shows (the Oscars, Golden Globes, and SAGs) are what make January and February more tolerable. So here are my thoughts on the nominations:
  • I wanted Kate Winslet to get two nominations because I love her. She better win (and actually stands a better chance of winning with just the one nomination, but still I would have liked 2 nods).
  • I wanted The Dark Knight to be nominated for Best Picture. I hope it wins a ton of the stuff it is actually nominated for.
  • Two of the Best Picture movies are PG-13 so I can see them (or saw them. . . though I like Benjamin Button less over time since I saw it).
  • I like the unexpected nominations (like Michael Shannon for Revoluationary Road, though I don't know who he is and didn't see the movie--but read the book if that counts. It was beautifully written but depressing. I'm reading The Reader right now. It's well written, though I have needed to edit it for myself).
  • Since Leonardo DiCaprio isn't nominated, I actually would like Brad Pitt to win best actor (he won't). I'm tired of Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke is a little too weird, though I guess I'd pick him over Penn.
  • Everyone I know who has seen Slumdog Millionaire loved it. . . one of these days it will be on tv. Let's also not forget that I flew Air India and gained a new appreciation for Bollywood.


m.a. said...

Hello Hendrickson's. I'm not sure if this was meant to be a private family blog, but I'm a lurker, what can I say! Rachel, I will miss your Oscar party this year. I hope life is treating all of you well!

Dad said...

I lack knowledge on this subject, but do not lack opinion. (That's never stopped us before.)

I like Heath Ledger as best supporting actor and Kate Winslet, for other perfomances unrelated to this nomination. I really didn't like Wall-E and so would like either of the other animated films to win. I think Iron Man should win visual effects.

As for best picture I have no preference. I was there for the Frost Nixon interviews and didn't even watch them then.


Well of course I have not seen any of the movies...really wanted to see Slumdog but the rating and I do not agree. I would like to see Brad Pitt win...not sure what direction I will take for "The Dinner"...Rachel, be thinking. I too love Kate Winslet, although those movies are not within my ratings range and are too depressing for there you have it...



I like the new picture...well done.

Andy said...

I cannot believe that Leo or Clint were not nominated. I have not seen either movie, but in the previews they are very impressive.

I have not seen any movies (except Batman), but here are my picks

Frost/Nixon Best Pic
Mickey Rourke 'The Wrestler' Actor
Kate Winslet 'The Reader' Actress
Heath Ledger 'The Dark Knight' Supp
Amy Adams 'Doubt' Supp
Ron Howard 'Frost/Nixon' Director
'Bolt' Animated
'Doubt' Adapted Screenplay
'In Bruges' Original Screenplay