Monday, January 19, 2009

Crusie Update

Hi! Well the tickets for the cruise are purchased! Now we need flights for everyone, a hotel and rental cars.

We leave from Miami at 5 PM on March 13th on the Norwegian Sky. It stops at Nassau in the Bahamas on Saturday and a private Island on Sunday and arrives at 7 AM on the 16th (Monday). We have 4 separate rooms.

Rachel, Ashton, Becca And Ella have their tickets arriving at Ft Lauderdale on the 12th at 9 am. They leave on the 17th at 6:35 AM

Sarah's flight back is on southwest and leaves at 1:20 PM on the 17th from Ft Lauderdale. I am ot sure when her flight is to Ft Lauderdale.

Denise and I will probably arrive on the 12th at 955 PM and leave on the 17th at 7 or 1150 am, though we have not bought the tickets yet and are open for longer on either end based on what everyone else does.

Andy and Stefany will probably be coming in the Friday the 16th at Miami as Andy has class the night before.

We are deeply excited!!



sarah jean said...

yeee haw!! i can't wait peeps its gonna be a blast!

Andy said...

Thank you to everyone that made this possible.


I would be happy to fly overnight and be there early on Thursday if we want...We need to get a hotel on Monday on the beach...maybe in Ft. Lauderdale (because it is cheaper)so that we can play and if anyone wants to find anything about that...go for it and then let us know to reserve it...I am very excited, thanks to all of you who guided dad with the decision making process...he so wanted to do the best thing for everyone and I am very proud of him. I am also excited that Ella will be coming and that I need to get a new dress to wear to dinner on the ship and that I may be able to swim with the dolphins (apparently there are dos and don'ts regarding this and Jill has read up this and knows and so I will follow her procedures to avoid injury or death...which would be a real "downer" on this trip.) I am glad that I spent the "big bucks" last year to get a swimsuit that will "slenderize" me ( I am sure you are wondering how much slenderizing can one suit do OR how many suits did you order to get slim or whatever) will come in handy on this trip. I will not be eating carbs until then but then LOOK OUT!!!

Rachel said...

I'm super excited! Thanks parents for purchasing the tickets for us!

Andy said...

We might be able to fly into Ft Laud on JetBlue, we will be checking the flights this week.

Rachel said...

I was thinking in terms of renting a car. When Andy and I flew into Ft Lauderdale, we were able to rent a car, drop it off in Cape Canaveral (which got us right to the port), then rent a car and drive back. . . no problem with big cost or anything. It might be more feasible to drop of cars in cities in Florida. I will look at car rental stuff this week and see.

Dad said...

Denise and I have bought (rapid rewards) our tickets back. Out flight leaves Tuesday, March 17th at 1150 am. I think we are the last ones to go, unless Andy and Stefany have later flights. I see a couple of $79 flights from NY to Ft Laud one at 6 am and one at 942.

Andy said...

We will buy tonight or tomorrow night. We will let you know

Andy said...

We purchased our tickets.

Here is our info

Depart Mar 12 383 LGA 9:45pm
Arrive Ft Lauderdale, FL 12:40am

Depart 17 Mar 372 Ft Ld 9:42am
Arrive New York, LGA 12:30pm