Friday, January 9, 2009


So I was at Penn Station waiting for the Subway and started thinking about when Stefany, Sarah and I watched Adam Sandler on Letterman. I was going to tell that story and than realized what our initials are together.

A ndy
S tefany
S arah

You may think that is cool, butt there is more

R achel
E lla
A shton
R ebecca

So next time we play games to save time we can say "D" Ass versus "D" Rear



This is why I have do the thinking for me and to point out the "Nasty Things" in my world.

BUTT (get it?) it will save time.

sarah jean said...

that is so freakin rad i can't even believe it!

Rachel said...

So funny!

Rodgers Family said...

I love being the end of the REAR!

Andy said...

Becca we can switch you with Rachel an you can start the rear.

Stefany and Sarah can switch spots, as can Ashton and myself.

Andy said...

Now that we are a blog many people view I wonder if I need to delete this post. I guess with power comes responsibility.