Monday, January 26, 2009

Hotel dilemma

OK here is what I have discovered.

The problems with is that we do not get to choose our hotel.

This presents a problem because on the 11th we only need 1 room and on the 12th we need 2 rooms. There is not a way to book this all as 1 order.

So we could book 1 room for 2 nights making sure that Mom and Dad stay in the same room. But we cannot guarantee that the second room will be in the same hotel.

Or we could book 1 room for 1 night and then rebook 2 rooms for next night. The problem with this is that we will not have anywhere to store out luggage between 11am and 3pm, or a place for a nap during that time (for Rachel and Sarah of course)

Here are our options.

1. Choose one of the above options and take a chance that they will be in the same hotel.

2. For the night of the 12th we could just use one room and cram everyone in.

3. We could look to book through another method making sure it is the same hotel, but it may be more expensive.

And getting a room near the airport is about $100 including the fees (Or we can use Weston, which is $65 a room, I know nothing about this area, this is where Ashton might share his wisdom)

OK part number 2.

For after the cruise we can get rooms north of Fl Laud near the ocean for about $100 a room after fees. This will be a long drive from Miami but will give us the best location. Basically the farther away from Miami the cheaper the rooms are. This can guarantee less than 4 blocks from water (based off of looking at the map.

And finally Yay this will be awesome.


Dad said...
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Dad said...

The last thing first...since we are all flying in and out of Ft Lauderdale, having the hotel be in Ft Lauderdale makes sense.

The first (getting one room for Wedneday and 2 for Thursday night thru hotwire in the same hotel) is more challenging.

I don't know the answer.


I want to be on the ocean when we get back from the cruise...I think we will have a lot of fun doing far as the combinations of rooms and is too complicated for me on Monday morning so I will leave that to you, Ashton, Dad and the girls.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the research, Paps. I have used before with success. I looked today and they have some decent hotels and a number to call to book the hotels that might be able to help figure out the 1 room then 2 rooms the second night deal. I agree with staying near Ft Lauderdale, and think that sounds great.