Sunday, January 4, 2009


Happy Birthday fabulous Mother. In honor of your birthday I have thought of a few things that I love about you. (Everyone else can add on to the list if I missed your favorite.)

  • Willingness to try things (like sledding!)

  • The holiday packages (love the dish towels)

  • Snorting when laughing hard

  • Socks for all holidays, cities, etc.

  • Stories that win things on the radio

  • Amazing cooking--lasagna, mud pie, chicken pillows--need I say more?

  • Always bringing meals to people (missionaries, women with babies, etc.)

  • Love of Jimmy Stewart and It's a Wonderful Life (I finished his biography and liked it)

  • Very creative

  • The Oscar Dinner

  • Always putting Dad and the kids #1 (and sacrificing so much for us)

Love you! Rachel


Stefany said...

Being the greatest old ball's mother-in-law ever!

Andy said...

You forgot comments that make Dad squirm.
And how people expect the kids to me awesome because we have awesome parents.
That she could cry at a commercial.
I no of no other mother who would watch world's strongest man with her son (expect maybe the world's strongest women)

Love Ya


What wonderful thoughts from everyone...I am proud to be your mother and grateful for all you do for me...Thanks for the list...and I do sometimes like to make Dad squirm...and I liked the world's strongest man...I just like anything that includes my children...and I love the picture of me the way, for the day of my birth we got 6 more inches of snow and another 6 inches today and then tomorrow...thanks for everything, what a great present...


the old ball's mother-in-law

Hendrickson Fam said...

i have a few to add as well....

*waiting til the last possible minute before going to the bathroom.
*always trying to pay for everything
*your faith
*shooting rubber bands at us!
*when on the phone you give play by play moments of you and dad! here is an example: well i'm sitting here on the chair about to watch little people big world and dad is sitting, well now he is getting up to get some milk and then he will come sit back down and watch the show with me!
*your beautiful quilts
*introducing me to noodle express and chicken artichoke pizza from papa murphys.
*thanks for the small hands
*the whiny voice you make when you want something!
* your constant concern and love for your children!

thanks for all that you do! you are an amazing mother and we are so lucky to have you!
sarah jean

Hendrickson Fam said...

I would also like to add that the photo is terrific of everyone!

Also, that although fun, she is also very deep in her thoughts and here spirituality, which some people miss about her.



I must say that I love that picture and it is my background on my computer at work. Thanks

Andy said...

The bathroom and play by play made me laugh for a really long time.

Dad your comment may be true, she has so much Awesomeness that many people may have a tough time recognizing all of it.

That is why you are perfect for her. You match her Awesomeness.

birdeeb said...

I like how she is so sweet! And I have to say I really love the Hendrickson family & how funny you all are!! I hope one day my kids say the same things about me! Except maybe the snorting while laughing haha *snort* haha ;o)