Thursday, January 15, 2009

Final info on the Cruise

I am ready to make the purchase of the Cruise tickets. It looks like Norwegian line to the Bahama from Miami. March 16th thru the 19th. Let me know if there are any complications.




I am very excited about this. I hope you all are too. Dad got very nervous making a big decision and hoping everyone is okay with everything. I assured him we are all A-OKAY. And I am riding my bike tonite to get my knees ready for sightseeing, playing, swimming with the dolphins and having a fabulous time...I never thought I would get to go on a cruise so this will be one of my dreams come if being with Dad isn't enough.

sarah jean said...

dad did you check with andy because i know he found another cruise that cost $10 less and added another port. but everything is great for me!!

Rachel said...

I am super excited!!! Works great for me. I'm so glad we are actually going to do this.