Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Dolphins Option

Mom and I were watching the Food channel Ace of Cakes. On it they went to Miami and while they were there they wnet swimming with the Dolphins at the Miami Seaaquarium. I looked it up on-line and it was $139. to do what was $149 in Nassau.

Perhaps those who wanted to could do the dolphin thing on Friday or Monday in Miami rather than at Nassau. That would leave us more time for doing stuff at Nassau.



Rachel said...

Thanks for doing so much work on this, Paps. I personally would prefer to swim with dolphins in the Bahamas. . . something about that sounds really fabulous. And since it's only a $10 difference, I don't mind paying the extra dollars. However, if people want to go in Miami I can do that too.

Andy said...

Either one works for us as we will stay dry.

Dad said...

I think people also want the opportunity to see Ft lauderdal and Miami, so I think the Nassau dolphin swim is it. How many do I need to add. I have 2 so far. Mom and Rachel. do I add 1 more for Sarah? How about Becca?